Lying bastards making it worse for the lot...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Shotgun, Dec 5, 2003.

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  1. God Bless America, they need it.
  2. And this from the Spectator, not exactly renowned for its tree-hugging views 8O

    If the spams think that they can carry on like this they are sadly mistaken. You would have thought that they might have learned something after the 'Nam.

    This is likely to vlow up in everyone's faces, including ours. :evil:
  3. Damn good article, even though it's from the Spunktator. This of

    is frightening. I hope Col. Speedy Gonzales is wrong, because it would not be good news if they were aiming at the splendid gold-plated doors of the sanctuary where etc etc etc. Does anyone else think that in the end the Brits are going to get dicked for a sector up north, once the yanks start to get desperate?
  4. I think Hackworth comes across as a real voice of a real soldier. He obviously doesn't think Iraq was a good idea, and also thinks the spam squaddies are being shafted by the Whitehouse, but stops short saying that so bluntly because he wants to support the troops.
  5. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

    Just like a journalist not to do any research......

    Col Hackworth does not advocate the 'American' way of doing things, he advocates the Col Hackworth way of doing things. IMO this would be a vast improvement on the situation.

    Col Hackworth joined the Army at 15, served in Korea and completed 2 tours of Vietnam. A Battlefield commission and numerous purple hearts later the US administration tried to carpet him for speaking out about the way they were running the war in Vietnam.

    He left the Army in disgust and moved to Australia where he is still vocal about matters that involve the US military.

    You could do worse than listen to this man!
  6. My reference to 'the American way of doing things' related to the style and content of the site, particularly much of the content of the guest book.

    As for research, agreed, none done, apart from looking at the site (briefly) ... I wanted to pose the question to tie up with an article I had read elswhere .....
  7. You should hand in your press pass in shame. :oops:
  8. :lol: Yeah, right ..............
  9. FFS, you're sitting on the internet, the information SUPER highway and you can't even be arrsed looking for one iota of information before making a sweeping statement. Who do you work for the fcuking Sunday Sport??

    Incidentally if you are at all interested in what Col Hackworth has to say I think the following article has a lot of comparisons to current UK training policy.
  10. Cabbaged - I posed a question, I did'nt make a statement, I had read an article, looked at a website - and asked the views of others....

    Of course, if this was work related, then my methods and resources would be entirely different ... btw, thanks for the link.
  11. Lying bastards making it worse for the lot ??

    I thought this was a thread about Journos