Lydd Camp

I dont suppose anyone has the post code for Lydd Camp (for OPTAG) so i can put it on my satnav :?

Having a blond day and cant find my paperwork


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If you get wet feet, come west a bit, and if it's blowing such a howlng sh!tty gale that you can't see to shoot because of all the shoit and salt in your eyes - you've made it.


Make sure you pack a softie and gortex, because the ranges do get a bit chilly and damp
na na lydds lovely pack plenty of suntan oil and your swimming things and theres great nightlife :twisted:
actually your fucked theres a reason theres a huge range complex there its a shit hole
Was in Lydd year before last. 5-10 mins walk from the middle of town, groceries shop, cash point and a couple of pubs. Not alot, but better than staying on camp.

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