Lydd Camp WiFi

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by sailorsam, Feb 10, 2011.

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  1. Anybody happent to know if WiFi is available at Lydd Camp Please ?
  2. Yes. In the Naafi. You have to pay.
  3. Thanks Ironrations.................Would have thought that they would have had a WiFi for the accommodation blocks ffs
    have to go and buy my Soldier Son a WiFi Router
  4. If he is posted there then that may be different. I was there for a course. 2 weeks ago.
  5. The 3 mobile dongles work well enough down there. Got one from ASDA a while back pre loaded with 1Gb usage for about £20

    Be cheaper than constantly using the WiFi in the NAAFI thats for sure
  6. OI!!! baby_g! when am i going to get my drill back??? knob-jockey!!!
  7. You've always been crap @ drill ;)
  8. ''pot calling kettle, come in please''!!! Hmmm the battery drill, it's (like you) de-Walt!!! ha ha
  9. I'll bring it round when I get back to Nottingham tomorrow mate, if I've not tipped up by 5 send us a text to remind me
  10. Roger that! 'H' out!
  11. WiFi in the blocks?? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Classic! your mobile phone will lock on to a French network your so far into the channel! No Joke.

  12. Which would plug in to where exactly?
  13. Wi-Fi! There were no washing machines for us to use when I was there last.
  14. Depend's on if your in the new blocks or the 1898's!! You will be in the 1898's if your on the cot course!
  15. There talks of putting Wireless Internet access in all new blocks. That was 2years ago thou! I don't think they ever did!