Lweis hamilton gets demoted to 3rd

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Eyebrows of Doom, Sep 7, 2008.

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  1. Just heard that lewis hamilton has been deducted 25secs in the Belgium grand prix for cutting a corner whilst fighting with Kimi.

    For anyone who watched it, he clearly gave the position back to kimi going down the main strait, and then kimi gave him a shunt in the back exiting the first corner witch could have ended lewises race.

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    Mclaren are having another rough ride this season, i wonder how many of the race stewards have shares in Ferrari.??????????

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    Rant over
  2. Hope thats a false rumour.
  3. Its not a rumour. And he deserved to get demoted, rules are rules after all.
  4. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/motorsport/formula_one/7602830.stm

    It's true. What nonsense. Hamilton clearly avoided a prang by taking evasive action in cutting the corner. And, as stated a few posts above, he deliberately gave the lead back immediately afterwards. I wouldnt be surprised if McClaren gets the win back on appeal.

    Edited to add; wow, you've got to be quick on here.
  5. Boll0x, he drives the wrong colour of car, its not red you see :x
  6. Perhaps they should spray their cars red?
  7. I'm outraged, natch.
  8. Is it cos 'e's black and British?

  9. Well, at the risk of being pedantic, he's actually half black and he's now a resident of Switzerland.

    I suspect it's because he broke the rules :roll:
  10. The rule is that you shouldn't gain an advantage. Apparently (according to McLaren), the telemetry shows that Hamilton immediately slowed down and was travelling 6kph slower than Raikohoweveritspeltnen, which kinds of suggests...

    Also, the FIA rules enforcer, Charlie Whiting is supposed to have said that in his view Hamilton's ceding position immediately meant that he hadn't gained an unfair advantage (although he couldn't speak for the stewards).

    McLaren are going to appeal, it seems, while with that usual tact and subtlety one associates with Aussies, the Sydney Morning Herald has suggested that the decision was...well, reading between the lines, the words 'a fix' springs to mind:

  11. The SMH article pretty much sums it up
  12. I've just got in and have been instantly changed to Mr. Angry!!! The F1 Grand Prix today was quite possibly the most dramatic finish of any Grand Prix in the History of Grand Prix's, Lewis Hamilton was forced off the track by Ferrari's Raikonnen as he was clearly going to overtake him, even though he was forced onto the grass somehow he managed to get ahead, Raikonnen then turned into a complete idiot trying to bash his way in front of Hamilton only to first slide off the track and later spin and career out of the race altogether, Ferrari put a protest in and Hamilton gets a 25 second penalty, surprisingly enough to put him into 3rd Place!

    Today is the last time I EVER watch a Formula 1 Race, previous decisions against Lewis were always suspect but this one stinks of Racism and out and out childish behaviour by Ferrari and total and utter incompetence by the FIA, Thank you both of you for ruining what was clearly the best fought over and best WON F1 Race of all time!!!!! they have made a mockery out of F1 today, they've shown their decisions can only be of a racilist manner and hence the last time I watch this Farce of a Sport, I wonder how many other HAmilton Fans around the World are now following suit...

  13. FFS :roll: