LWC Warminster, HOT OR NOT?

Know a mate who has just got a posting to this unit, I was just wondering what the crack is with it. I know they are responsible for training around the plain with tes ex ect but heard rumours that it was going operational. Does anybody know what kind of unit it is, whether it is a good workshops to go to, and what the area is like in general. I have never been around that area that much.
Any help would be appreciated. Cheers.
i would rather go to warminster than tidworth or bulford....
I have heard that the demonstartion Bn (Inf) will rotate around Salisbury Plain every two years. Therfore once it has finished its cycle of stagging on Strip wood it will be back into the frying pan and harmony????
Im there now, its not too bad, depends if you end up with the Yorks down there or, up the hill with the RE or Tankies.
Its true thought as from March next year we go operational, or so were lead too belive :|
LWC will cease to exisit in its current format in the next year (maybe two, depends on current thinking remaining the same or if new big wig decides to change plans again).

The new Inf unit (supposed to be 2RW after their op tour in Iraq) will take over. However they won't move to Warminster, they stay in Tidworth. How the plans shake out for the tanks, likely hood of deployment etc Dunno. If your posted to 2RW soon then you'll find out.
i was at Warminster when it was CAT(C) BG then LWTC BG. I was up the hill with the tankies and i loved the unit. Workload wise think Batus.....

There was a little bit of rivalry with "the bottom of the hill" at the main Wksp but nothing sinister.

All in all a great unit, 1 RTR are very good to work with should you get the Armd Sqn Ftr Sect.

As said previously, they are meant to be going operational, the only downside to a good unit as far as i can see............
was there for nigh on 3 years and loved it, went on telic 4 with the black watch so yes it can deploy.

great area and there is a topless bar in town opposite the hong kong takeaway on saturdays (so i was told)
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