LWC Launch of the Army Knowledge Exchange (AKX)

Discussion in 'Staff College and Staff Officers' started by AKX_Evangelist, Jan 23, 2010.

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  1. Have you had problems finding the tactics or doctrine information you need to do your job better? Would you like to contribute to LF discussion forums moderated by LWC SME's? If so, then read on...........

    The Land Warfare Development Group (LWDG) at the Land Warfare Centre (LWC), Warminster has launched the Army Knowledge Exchange (AKX) which is designed to be Land Forces "one-stop shop" for Land knowledge. Developed in direct support to current ops, if you are looking for Land environment information then this is your best place to start. AKX is not just for the Army - it will provide invaluable information for RMs and RAF Regt too and anyone from all 3 services and wider defence interested in the Land operational environment.

    AKX is up and running on ArmyNET and incorporates a (small) library of UNCLASSIFIED knowledge and a range of discussion forums including Vital Ground for Majors and SO2s by Majors; these are protected from the prying eyes of the media or others who may not have the Army's best interests at heart. These discussion forums are moderated by subject matter experts from across the Army.

    AKX has also just launched on RESTRICTED and is easily accessible from the Defence/Army Intranet home pages (look for the hyperlink) The knowledge base is quickly being populated with Land knowledge and will soon contain a comprehensive library which can be quickly and easily searched (not like the Defence Intranet search mechanism!). We are developing an Afghan iHub which supplies knowledge in direct support to Op Herrick (AMs, AFMs, OOPS, Op Law, C-IED, L2, PORs etc)

    AKX will soon prove itself invaluable for those preparing to deploy on ops and for those with knowledge to share following an op tour. AKX on the RLI incorporates a discussion forum open to all ranks. Log on and have a look. We'd love to hear your views and I'm sure you have knowledge worth sharing. AKX is on SECRET too! :policeflat:

    If this is going to be a success then we need you to contribute and share your expertise and knowledge. Have a look. Any suggestions gratefully received.
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  2. Thanks! 8)
  3. DPM

    DPM Old-Salt

    All we need now is enough computer band width to load it all up, some decent computers to load it on to, and some sort of portable device to read it from.

    I've enough problems getting the bloody intranet up (edited to add: on DII, which doesn't leave the office)...

  4. Now that is just hoping for TOO much really! :lol:
  5. Indeed. Given that for the 6 months or so MST before you deploy you are out of the office for at least 2 weeks in every 4 - if you are lucky - then it would be pretty handy if there was some form of deployable IT that could be taken out of the office. Not something (like deployable DII) which is not worth the effort to take with you, due to the sensitivity of the CoC for any loss/misuse. If you want AKX to take off then you might persuade someone in DGLW empire to fight for the restrictions to be taken off the deployability of Deployable DII. Otherwise what should be a good site will not get looked at because everyone is a bit busy. Ta.

  6. I am all for this, but quite frankly the fact that G1, G2 and G4 of the "Land Environment Knowledge Base" is empty says a lot about the Army's approach to operations.
  7. And just to demonstrate that I am not being a complete ccok about this I would like to see a one-pager of each of my G1, G2 and G4 responsibilities as a sub-unit commander on operations (particularly theatre-specific anomalies[and before anyone suggests I do it myself, I would point out that I am not an authority and the flaw in communities of practice is that "authority" is undermined by perception and prejudice]) and if necessary in barracks.

    Of the 750-ish(?) JSPs, each author is the SME for one JSP. I am required to know my responsibilities in relation to all of them. I'm not whinging, I am pointing out a fact that has been overlooked by the CofC (IMO). At unit level the list of checks and inspections has to be drawn up by the unit, and is not provided by the CofC: as a result you tend to get 'advice' from the Bde staff about what is 'best practice' but isn't necessary and in many ways is futile.

    "Give me an example!" I hear you cry...

    Weapon Security. At a recent inspection it turns out that all my managerial checks had been completed on time and to the satisfaction of JSP 440 and several other spurious documents. However, the inspecting officer suggested that we should use a chain to secure our weapons more securely in the armoury. He couldn't recommend a specific chain and padlock for the purpose, but that is besides the point. I asked where the chain should go in order to secure the weapons. He suggested that the "only obvious" place should be the trigger guard. You know, the trigger guard that can be squeezed off for use in arctic conditions... when my illiterate and inumerate arms storeman who had not lost a weapon pointed this "obvious" flaw out he was mildly stumped, and he then proceeded to recommend a "competence folder" whereby each soldier had a list of weapon competences by their name in order that a weapon was not issued to someone not competent in the weapon system. To which my storeman said: "why would I give a weapon out to someone who shouldn't have one? I'm not going to give a sniper rifle out to someone who isn't a sniper, unless the CSM says its OK". Good point well presented. But good points well presented are rarely "best practice"..

    Rant over.
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  8. msr

    msr LE

    And the fact that it is inaccessible to the TA, unless actually in the TAC.

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  9. Barbs,

    Bit surprised that the main armoury door and the individual sub-unit cage doors was not enough for your inspecting punter. Don't see what a chain would add to the debate.

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  10. DPM

    DPM Old-Salt

    With you all the way barbs.

    AKX_Evangelist: Comment please. Is the AKX a useful 'one-stop shop', or just another suppository for incredible amounts of information that no one man could ever hope to trawl through let alone usefully access.

    Sounds like a CORGI to me, that will be used as an excuse not to turn this info into timely, authoritative, well staffed and accessible TTPs/Aide Memoires/PAMs/etc. I'm less than a year from the next tour to AF and am constantly hunting for info; and when I find some, I've no idea whether it is current, correct, self-proclaimed 'best-practice', or what. I'm not sure it's supposed to work like that...

    What really grips me at the moment is the amount of unit/regimental capbadge emblazoned material appearing with the title (C-IED for eg) "Best Practise". Is it best practice, or just what that particular unit ended up doing by the end of the tour, for better or worse?

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  11. Who'd have thunk it?
  12. Barbs,

    Your point is well-made and completely apposite. I have conducted, and been on the receiving end, of a deal of LSI/LSTI. My position, as inspector or inspected, was always that the appropriate JSP is the sole authority for the inspection. If something was required by this JSP, and was not being done, or done correctly, then I raised an action in the subsequent debrief to the unit staff, or in the final report. If it was not a requirement of the JSP then I made no comment.

    On far too many occasions I saw personal observations, with no foundation other than personal preference, being made. Some were absolutely ludicrous, some unnecessary, and some very good. Those that were good should have been noted and subsequently raised at the appropriate JSP WG for potential policy change - rarely did this happen.

    Underpinning this profusion of personal 'best-practice', however, is the absolute absence in many JSPs' of easy-to-follow, clearly detailed, responsibilities, procedures, and processes. Far too often we merely see woolly 'principles' that, as you state, are left to units' and individuals' to interpret and implement. Interpretation, naturally, varies widely, resulting in the observations made regarding your armoury.

    Solution. Garner what little SME is left, whilst it still remains, and deliver clear, unambiguous, process and procedure, that is able to be understood, followed, and implemented by everybody from the bedding storeman to the OC/QM.
  13. Just a quick one, DPM, what's a CORGI?

  14. msr

    msr LE

  15. Best epitomised in the Grenadier Guards 'rag' in Bosnia a few years ago which used to have little pictures of a corgi dog jotted around the pages to show that it was yet another cracking idea from the CO.