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Hi, I have a question regarding rank progression.

I understand that soldiers start off as level 1 privates after passing out from Phase 1 training. What is the criteria for reaching level 2 and level 3 as a private?

Does this happen after each phase or is it by year?

Thanks in advance.


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Other way round trish class 3 - 1

Criteria depends on capbadge and trade etc...

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You finish basic as a B4 soldier then once trade trained with eithe be class 3/2 and your B1 will be dependent on experience and rank/certain criteria. I'm sure it works the same with A/tech trades as well.
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Private soldier is graded for pay level 1 - 7, dependent upon trade, they will have two Accelerated Incremental Progressions which are linked with trade upgrading.

AIP are awarded for reaching certain criteria per trade, some trades have done for some time a basic trade training which gives them the fundamentals (Old school Class 3) and the bare bones of Intermediate level (old school Class 2) and the Intermediate level is consolidated by on the job training by the way of a work book, therefore after the stipulated time e.g. 6 months, they would move onto Level 2 as an AIP.

Other levels are attained per annum, that is assuming that they are a good little soldier and get graded C or above at SJAR.

So for example:

Pte Snodgrass leaves Phase 1 military training on New Entrant Rates of Pay and will attain Level 1 either after completion of Phase 2 or 26 weeks paid service, whichever is the earlier, that then becomes their Incremental Base Date (IBD).

IBD = 01 Apr 14 = Level 1
AIP awarded for old school class 2 = 01 Oct 14 = Level 2
Annual Increment = 01 Apr 15 = Level 3

and so on.

Without knowing which trade etc, it is impossible to give you the verbatim answer, but hope this helps.

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