Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by bing191, Apr 8, 2013.

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  1. I wish I did. I've been trying to remember it for ages.

    R Raise interest

    That's all for now!
  2. A Achievable
  3. [h=2]Isn't it the pnemonic for the Pl Re-Org on an exercise?

    Light Cigarette
    Undo chinstrap
    Vow to NTT
    Sit on webbing
    Irritate Pl Sgt
    Consume Haribo
    Kick sheepshit about
    Remove TES kit
    Shimf about Ex
    Move on to next serial

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  4. That's probably from a different mnemonic... with an A.
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  5. Oh and by the way it's mnemonic not pneumonic which means pertaining to the lung.

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  6. Go on. Tell them it's pronounced "ne-mon-ic", not "new-mon-ic".
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  7. What does this moronic mean Duuuhh
  8. Just looks like 'Love Sick RSM' to me.
  9. To get in before devex, "lovesick RSM" is an adjective followed by a noun. "Love sick RSM" is a command.
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  10. Thanks puttees, of course I was referring to the former and not the latter.
  11. C Competition
    U Use of senses
  12. I don't recall coming across this mnemonic, but the M is bound to be "memorable". :)