Luton Town - is it time for teams to merge or die?

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by CunningLinguist, Jan 7, 2008.

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  1. Seeing that Luton Town FC have about an hour to go to find a buyer I was thinking that maybe for the smaller clubs it is time that they merged with local teams in the same situation to forge a bigger and stronger club that can survive a game that has gone money mad. It has wirked for Dagenham & Redbridge.

    Maybe Luton should have looked at merging with the MK Dons or Peterborough United?
  2. luton merging with MK Dons would be a brilliant Idea, but then Luton loses a big source of trade and income.

    Alot of the travelling fans to luton pay into the economy by also going to the arndale centre (shopping mall) and such like, os luton would lose out a bit there.

    However that is a good idea overall.
  3. Never happen. The reason Luton are in this position is because of dodgy dealings and "unusual" payments that would make Peter Risdale go a funny shade of green.

    A buyer will be found - Luton will have to sell a large part of their playing staff and will drop down a Division, but they will survive

    You will never convince the fans of Bristol City that a merge with Rovers would be a good thing (as an example)
  4. Maybe, but survivability is the main question. If both Bristol clubs were going into administration then I bet they would view things differently.
  5. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Just scrap kissball completely....

    ...bunch of overpaid homos...
  6. Dont you beleive it..Look what happened over the setup of MKDons. Because Merton borough council would never grant wimbledon FC a permit to build a new stadium, they where doomed until a rich buisness man come along and said - "I will give you a cracking stadium, funds for a team and a top manager...all you have to do is come to Milton keynes"

    Now, this sounds like a reasonable proposal to your averadge person. But to a Wimbledon fan (all 3500 of em) this was tantermount to treason, and went ahead with their own football team.

    You tell a Bristol City fan that its a choice of joining with their neighbours or go out of buisness, he will travel to plymouth
  7. Think of that one all by yourself, or did you have help?

  8. Might as well move into London and reform. Could call themselves "Wimbledon FC" or something.
  9. What and play at Selhurst Park?
  10. D_S.
    Agree with you whole heartedly. Many teams are just struggling to keep their heads above water and the worse the do, the smaller the gate receipts. It's a vicious circle.

    Just as an example of your idea:

    Abramovich loses interest in football, Chelsea go into administration and you have to merge with the multi-billionaires at QPR. LOL
  11. :D

    Is the deadline at 17:00 the end of it all, or are there other options availible afterwards?

    Dunstable are in the British Gas Business league, they might want a couple of bargains?? :)
  12. Time limit for bids was 1700. Announcements will be made tomorrow but I would happily bet a couple of quid that someone has come in with an offer....It might not be great, but the club will survive
  13. msr

    msr LE

    Would anyone outside Luton know or care if they didn't?

  14. Only from a vested interest in my hometown.
    Not from a deep-seated loyalty to a succesful and infulential football club!
  15. Wimbledon tried that one when they were sharing our ground. They tried to buy the ground with the proviso that Palace vacate the ground. Good business sense you may think, but at the time Wimbledon's home turnout was approx 2,000, compared to Palace's 18,000 - 23,000. How the fuck did they expect to survive ????????