Luton to start the Season with - 30 Points...

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Gundulph, Jul 11, 2008.

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  1. Being an Argyle Fan I am no Fan of Luton Town after that Fat Fkuc Joe Kinnear's comments about Argyle during our battle for the Division Championship a few years ago.

    However, surely there must be some other way of sorting these administration problems out than awarding any Club minus points, Leeds coped very well with their - 15 last Season but with their huge support behind them at every game it lifted them through it and almost got them promotion in the process! these Clubs may well deserve it but do their Fans?!

    Maybe the F.A. should come up with some kind of protection for the lower Clubs who have been going for 'X' number of years, when there is talk of a Club being promoted to the Premiershite looking at 60 Million + then surely a tiny bit of that can help save lower League (but well established) Clubs; I'm probably talking complete shoite but maybe Sky and the others can give the lower league Clubs as much televised games as the Premier Clubs and help inject a bit of well needed cash into those, it is a League and not a sole Division after all!

    Isn't it? :roll:
  2. It seems harsh especially when those responsible are no longer at the club. 30 points is a death sentence for the club but maybe that’s why the football league imposed it.
  3. Chuffed to fcuk, they knocked us out of the FA Cup in 1911.....
  4. If they can't keep their house in order.....

    Administration, three times in ten years, and also guilty of illegal payments to agents.

    Sounds like a fair punishment.
  5. unfortunately its a bit more complicated than that, its not even the fact we are getting roasted that grips us - where is the consistency?
  6. If they wanted Luton out of the leagues that much they could have just waited a couple of seasons, to be honest.
  7. [​IMG]
  8. unlucky.

    see they have put all the polayers up for sale