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Luton Home Of Multiculturalism

Last time I was there in years and years it was just full of Pakis......and a lot of them were upset and having a riot in the town centre.....and shopping centre over some Salmon Rushdie thing.
We used to have a Scottish police sergeant here in our town Don't know how, but he found out that a convoy of pikies were heading our way dow the A435. He had police cars block off every road into our town, there are only five roads, and the whole pack of 'em were sent off into Warwickshire for their police to deal with. Top bloke.
Hmmm.. Must say that I think it would be funny to start a bonfire in the middle of a pikey site by burning copies of the Koran! Start off with Muslims fanatics fighting pikeys, then the EDL could join in!

Pay per view on Sky HD.

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