Luton 28th March Rally of support

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by VANDAMME, Mar 20, 2009.

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  1. There is going to be a gathering of ex Military in Luton on 28th March to show the Islamic extremists that their hatred towards the British Army is worthless and futile.
    This is being organised by retired Soldiers Nationwide, your support is more than welcomed

    Further information can be gained from facebook


    The time has come to make a stand against these people who hate OUR way of life and have free rein to demonstrate and ridicule OUR hero's
    If we attempt to do what they do, we get arrested for racism, it's not racist being patriotic
  2. This thread will be interesting when everyone wakes up in the morning (while it lasts) :D
  3. spread the word
  4. I'm awake. Who are the organisation "Retired Soldiers Nationwide "behind this?

    Or is it just an organic grouping of ex-Soldiers etc?
  5. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    If something like this needs doing, then surely the Legion are the ones to run it? They wouldn't of course, and quite right too.

    'Retired Soldiers Nationwide'? Wouldn't they be better off called something like 'Big Nasty Protestors'

    or just BNP for short?
  6. I am wondering about that too OS.

    And why people feel the need to perpetuate the publicity aims of half a dozen idiots?

    This idea is seriously bonk.

    There is only one type of March that should be allowed to support the troops.

    Marches by troops.
  7. Wrong move methinks. Chance of giving further oxygen of publicity (hat-tip to Maggie) to a load of loons who really showed themselves up more than they did any real insult. You can bet that some of the 28th Movement will go OTT and get lifted.
  8. Like the BNP - pointless

    Give the protestors a good ignoring I say
  9. Be very careful, anything like this will attract any number of undesirable elements, from the clowns in rent-a-cause looking for something to protest about through professional agitators looking to stir things up to local thugs just after causing some trouble.

    Leave it be, the way to raise the profile of the armed forces is exactly what was done in Luton, contrasting the cool professionalism of the guys on the parade with the rabble that were protesting.

    The Great British Public will make up it's own mind, which won't be helped if an unofficial 'veterans' march turns into a violent riot.
  10. Yes God forbid we should actually do something positive and show some support for the troops.

    I would have expected the fecking left wing liberal asshats in this country to accuse a "veterens" rally of racism. I never thought I'd see the day my so called brothers in arms start that particualr ball rolloing on what is meant to be "forces" forums.

    Thank feck the guys in my unit have a little more backbone than some of the "ex forces" posters in this thread.

    Bloody shamefull responses.
  11. Oh dear.This thread will now end in tears.
  12. Total rubbish - you are being manipulated.

    The best way to show support is to turn up and cheer the lads on when they parade - NOT marching to protest about a protest, in an obvious attempt to stir up trouble.
  13. Maybe I am maybe I'm not but I do know that if I turned up in my uniform for this event peps would be very unlikly to think its a BNP rally and I'm fairly confident if this is organised by the BNP they wouldnt be to happy with me joining in.

    I'm sure you can work out why.
  14. My bold.
    So we should allow the crackpot anti British protestors but not the pro-British crackpot protestors?
  15. Has your CoC sanctioned this turn out???? Turning up in uniform will look great when/if it all ends up going badly wrong.
    Make sure you wear a shirt with a name tag its easy to spot you being dragged away by the Plod.