Lusty crew in cross dressing shame

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by box-of-frogs, May 27, 2008.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    Rum Ration name check!

  2. Thats rich of the Turks being horrified with the matelots because they "made love to each other in the street".

    The Turks have a reputation for fcuking each other. Only rarely including women if they need to reproduce.

    Non story to be honest.
  3. The leopard print fella even has his shreddies on. Gayer!
  4. Sounds like a normal night out for Jack
  5. Jolly Jack and ambassador? So the RN is now part of the diplomatic service then?
    less than 100 years ago, the only thing the RN did in Turkey is bombard the dump with HE :twisted:
  6. Will this feature on 'Warship'?...I doubt it very much (but typical Navy antics)
  7. At least the man in the leopard print dress made sure his shoes matched his handbag.

  8. Indeed, it might be news worthy if the 'run ashore' hadn't gone ahead like this.
  9. news flash:
    pope a catholic.
    bears! they do sh!t in woods.
  10. Ah! Probably a Royal then not Jack?

    Some po-faced fez-wearer commented that Turkish seaman did not behave like this. Well no, however in Naples in the 80s they did kidnap an Italian girl and gang-go her. Turkey refused to co-operate at the time when the local fish-head police tried to investigate...I'll guess it was '86 or '87.
  11. The Mail loves slagging off Jack. I suspect that the gorgeous, pouting Mrs Dacre has a had a spit-roast off a couple of Matelots, or even, God forbid, it was the lovely, pouting, Mr Dacre who got turned between centres...
  12. "HMS Illustrious, built on the Tyne and commissioned in 1982, served in the Falklands War, the First Gulf War and in a support role in Afghanistan."

    Bollox did she, I should know, my old man was on her from before she was commissioned in 1982, upto and including 1986 where he transferred to HMS Roebuck, and helped complete both on their sea trials prior to commissioning.

    Incedently, I was at commissioning ceremonies, and my sister present the Duchess a bouquet of flowers at the commissioning of Roebuck.

    Fuuurcking papers get nothing right, just a little bit of research goes a very long way!
  13. "Rum, the lash and sodomy" so said a fairly famous man :)

    We have come to expect that our RN are exporting naval homosexuality throughout the world, so why should we be enraged?"

    I, personally, don't like it up the wrong un, that's why I joined the Army and not he RN or RM :)
  14. Where are the Union Jack boxers? Very disappointing.