Lung Functions Test

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Matthius07, Jul 6, 2007.

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  1. I believe it's called a spirograph. Now, does anyone know what the test involves and how easy it is to pass. Also does anyone know anyone at their selection that did this test and passed or failed. Just to make me feel better/ worse/ the need to fully prepare myself.

    This is the bugger between me and the Army. Shall I try a sob story ;) Or bribe ;)
  2. I prefer a liver function test......after drinking a can of Brasso....
  3. You keep coming on asking the same questions all the time, cant you take the advice given already by lots of reliable sources. The more you keep worrying your self about this part of the selection the more your not concentrating on the more important things like ice breakers, job briefs and interview techniques.
  4. Yeah alright it's just that I wanted confirmation cause his tale changed ;) Sorry but when you want something this much it's all you think about. I'll just train and try my best, if all else fails, noose :p. Didn't mean to be too annoying ;)
  5. Thanks man! I get it now bro, you can only fail if you're gagging for an inhaler. Excercise bikes are crap but i'll use one. I ran 1 mile today (it's a start) and wasn't panting after. Amen
  6. It seems to me that this is something you're either going to pass or fail, and there's not much you can do about it. If you've never had bad asthma then it shouldn't be anything more than a formality - I had to do one even though I hadn't used an inhaler for more than 10 years. You may as well just spend your time worrying about the stuff you can improve on.
  7. If its what i think it is, you have to blow into this thick tube until the doc says stop. you do it a few times then its all recorded on a chart. i have to do every few years for my diving medical. And I'm 37 smoke a couple of ciggies a day and all ways pass :D
  8. Yeah okay, IE. Lung Capacity and fitness ;) Is it one of them tubes with the measure things on it? Last one I did went up a little cause Doctor dumbass said breath out gently. I wish I still had mine LoL. I think it should be easy.. if I fail what next? Just an appeal if i do it and pass at the doctors for example? Many thanks
  9. For the LFT your tube is hooked up to a stop worrying!
  10. Alright! :p Enquiries over, I wish i'd never brought out my Army plans from under my bed so to speak.. they were better on standby. Anyway, time to look forward and prep for college!
  11. i smoke 20 a day and now do sod all exercise, i pass the company lung test easily, the only way you will fail is if your an asthmatic monkey whose just been beaten around the chest with a baseball bat. Stop worrying
  12. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    Concur with that. My first civvy medical after leaving the Forces, I was given the "puff test" by the practice nurse. She then asked me to do it again. She then went and got another spirograph and asked me to do it again. [It was never like that with sex, but WTF].

    "The highest reading I've ever seen," she said ... and me an idle 50+ on 20 a day since my teens :wink:
  13. Are you ex Navy :wink:
  14. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    yes ... it was a long time ago :roll:
    The RAF restored me to normality in no time :D
  15. Jerk a just a blood test