Lung Function Test

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Jimmy1880, Jun 13, 2008.

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  1. I've used search but not found any answer,

    i have to have a lung function test at ADSC. Can someone who's actually done it let me know how fast you have to cycle and is the air like Arctic blast cold or just British spring morning cool.

    Please don't answer if you think you know becuase your auntie's dog had a nephew in Spetznatz who fathered a chimp who knows someone in the TA!

    Genuine answers would be appreciated funny ones too as I'm having a crap day.

  2. The normal test uses a range of cycling speeds from gentle up to balls out sprint. The air could probably be classed as a nippy spring morning, and is definitely above arctic. The army test may differ a bit from the civvy test, however it is likely to be at least roughly the same.
  3. Edit: Nevermind, read it again.
  4. Is a lung function test the same as a VO2 max test?
  5. You mean the spiro test?
  6. yep.
  7. Basically they strap you to a cycling machine and make you cycle up hill for 15 minutes whilst breathing through a lovely tube.
    Nothing too strenious, however it is to see if you can last the 1.5 mile run with out collapsing in a heep.
    And yes fusilier_lambert it does exist for those who have had breathing problems in the past
  8. I did it at selection a couple months back. It's just cool air you breathe in. You don't cycle fast, they increase the resistance steadily and you have to keep above 50 (Or it might be 60, cant remember). It's not the piece of p*ss my recruiting sgt made it out to be.
  9. I did it way back in April. Basically just blow into a tube consistently then get on the bike, not really cycling fast, I think I had to keep the speed at about 60-70 kmph but I really can't remeber, it was just to keep your breathing up. It took me like 5 attempts before I could do it right, I was brickin' myself thinking that I wouldn't be allowed in.

    Good Luck
  10. I did it at selection in Winter.

    Basically, they put up the resistance until you're fairly going at it, but not absolutely dying. You breath in dry air (mine wasn't cooled..).

    Before and after the test they will give you 2 tests, one where you have to blow into a tube for as long a time as possible, and one where you have to get as much air through a tube in one forceful blow. They will also monitor your breathing throughout cycling.

    Hope I answered your questions =D
  11. My auntie's dog had a nephew in Spetznatz who fathered a chimp who knows someone in the TA who said:

    You have to cycle jolly fast and the air is realativly cold, not quite as cold as an Artic blast, however slightly colder than British spring morning cool

    Hope this helps
  12. What happens if you keep falling off the bike?
  13. Then you fail for been a knob.
  14. Oh, thats okay then :wink:
  15. yeah but if you do fall of this is the caring army we rub their knees tell them its all ok and let them have another go but with stabalisers fitted when they feel they are up for it