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Hi all!

Just a quick question concerning the 'lung function test' that I've been informed I will have to undergo at my briefing. I'm aware this is in addition to the general medical everyone has, so I don't expect everyone to know what the lung test entails. I had mild asthma till around the age of 7 and since then I've been as fit as a fiddle - I'm just worried now that this could be a potential stumbling block? My fitness is good, I run regularly but I have no idea how well my lungs function compared to those of other people.

Has anyone else been in this boat? If you have please drop me a line letting me know what the test comprised of and that I'm worrying over nothing!

Cheers! All the best.

As long as you can suck a golf ball through a garden hose you'll be fine, sugar. PM me if you feel you need some practise.

Seriously though, don't worry about it.

I have no medical knowledge but I have been subjected to a lung function test, albeit some time ago.

Basically it consists of blowing as hard as possible for as long as possible through a measured diameter tube whilst a medic goes off his head shouting BLOW! BLOW! BLOW! to the point where you wonder whose lungs are on test.

Should be no problem as long as you take your ear defenders.
Appreciate the responses! Cheers! Will endevour to use the search function in future! I'm new so don't string me up just yet!

And i'll take some earmuffs along with me - thanks for the tip Walruss!
I heard that it was a peak-flow test then a go on an exercise bike for a while then another peak-flow test. This was from a sapper though :)

Lung function test at AOSB involves a spirometer test, blowing through a tube connected to a computer. Then 8 mins on an exercise bike with a tube into your mouth connected to a bottle of dry air. The bike intensity gets upped as the time progresses. After the 8 mins you are tested again on the spirometer. Allowed to rest for a few minutes at which point you can have a drink and are then tested again. Obviously not something you can practice for and I was a bit worried but thankfully passed. This was in June. Worst bit was the amount you drool with the tube in your mouth?!

The most advanced one I did was in July this year (Not for army, been out 11 years and asthmas come back).
Below is what you would do for a full & proper lung function test at hospital -
You do the blowing crap on a machine, but they may make you breathe for a few mins to regulate your breathing, large in, fast out, large in slow out, large in, all out and so on. They may put your in an airtight booth and make you blow in and out fast, then cut the oxygen off, but you have to keep trying to breathe! Its a way of fully testing the size of your lungs.
They (In the event of full asthma testing) put your on a histamine machine. Which a ****** to be blank. This is due to a lot of attacks being trigger by allergies. You do the peak flow, then breathe in some histamine spray through a tube. Then a peak flow and repeat 7 times with more and more histamine until you feel like you're going to die and you spend the next 30 min on a 6 foot ventolin bottle!

Other than that - I was clear 4 years when I joined (restarted year after I left, or maybe before, I don't know), I did peak flow and then 40 min gym then peak flow and begged the doc. Times have changed, so I don't know what they might get you to do now.
Back in 2008 I did the Lung Function test during AOSB. You blow into a peak flow they take a reading, you then sit on a bike, cycle with a mask on your face until they tell you stop and then blow in the peak flow again. It isn't anything to be worried about, just the army making sure your a sound investment and won't break during phys.
I havnt done one but I would imagine that if you are comfortably getting decent run times you should be ok with a lung function test.

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