Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Daede, Mar 30, 2007.

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  1. I just had cheese and tomatoes on toast, with some packet chicken cr*p and lettuce from tescos down the road. Odd, but all i could find in the fridge at work.

    Whats everyone else havin?

    And before anyone asks, i am deadly, deadly bored.
  2. Get on here........


    All we ever do is discuss what everyone's having for dinner (NOT lunch) and tea............ Which is strange as it's a football site.....
  3. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Me too. I've demolished two packets of tea biscuits by dipping them into my coffee one at a time while staring blankly at my screen.

    I may treat myself though and finish up with a mars bar. The lunch of kings.

    Mind you, my oppo's missus has just come in and I quite fancied milf pudding.
  4. I've just blagged the boss to go on a kebab run... that's a right touch!

    Can I count chili sauce as one of my five a day?
  5. the thing that makes it worse is that i can see a carluccios from my office, and i could quite fancy something from there, but that would involve a)standing up and b)walking all of which is too much effort.
  6. home made choc chunk and pecan cookies...but only 6 cos i'm dieting
  7. Barstewards...I'm hungry now !!
    Better mosey on down the high street i suppose...
    I'm gonna have to nip into Ha-Ha in the old station in Windsor....
  8. Cake, lots of cake.
  9. It's Friday so the canteen was serving fish and chips. The batter was traditionally porridge-like and tasted of soap, masking only a sliver of fish, white and of unknown origin. I skipped the soggy chips and had beans, followed by strong coffee to take the taste away.

    Now I just feel bloated and hyperactive.

    Pass us a cookie Bigbird. (If there are any left or that you haven't sat on). :hungry:
  10. might be able to find a small one in the folds! Do you mind a few skin flakes and bits of fluffy'stuff'?
  11. I went to the cookhouse, so I must of had chips, beans and something greasey, but I'll be fooked if I can remember.
  12. Cheese and ham on toast, thanks to last nights duty staff leaving all of the ingredients in the coffee room fridge, well, it would have been binned otherwise!

    WSAG? I thought it was a WAGs site for squaddies, I was expecting wives and girlfriends in their skimpies! What a let down
  13. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

  14. That'll be fish then, it's Friday.
  15. Threads like this are the reason Arrse is becoming pump.

    You'll be talking about what colour your fucking hair is next.

    This is a good thread.

    This is not.