Lunch With The Royals

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by wotan, Jun 7, 2006.

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  1. Yesterday, the wife and I had the opportunity to be invited to a luncheon by my local provincial parliamentarian. His guests of honour were Their Royal Highnesses The Earl and Countess of Wessex (Edward and Sophie). Previous to this, my most distinguished lunch companion was the real estate agent that helped the wife and I buy our home. So as you might imagine, we were both a little nervous. But we took comfort in the fact that there would probably be 200-400 people at the luncheon and that we probably wouldn't get any closer than a few dozen metres to Their Royal Highnesses.

    Naturally, as we had a vision of the way things would turn out, we were of course dead wrong. Only about 30 or so folks were at the luncheon and Mrs. wotan and I were both introduced to Sophie and Edward. Initially, I was extremely nervous, however both of the Royals were relaxed and seemed such genuinely nice people that we were both quickly at ease. Edward especially was quite keen on knowing about both Mrs. wotan's and my military service and he seemed very knowledgeable about the Canadian Forces in general. Sophie is also the Colonel of the Regiment of my old infantry unit, The Lincoln And Welland Regiment.

    Although the media sometimes portrays the Royals as somewhat stand-offish that is certainly not the impression they left on the wife or I. I'm sure some of the members of the boards here have met members of the Royal Family. What were your impressions of any you may have met?
  2. I met the Queen when she visited my university and did the crowd walk.

    I fell a little bit in love.

    I even got a wave from her and the DofE when they got back into the car, but this may have had something to do with me having ran back through the crowd to where they were leaving from (the crowd having surged the other way to initially follow them) and screaming "I LOVE YOU YOUR MAJESTY!!!" whilst wrapped in the St. George's flag.

    Kind of hard to ignore.
  3. Erm I have met all the members of the british royal family....a number of times
    and a lot of other royal families.
    So far I like them...
    but I may be a little biassed
  4. J_D

    J_D LE

    You go to Brunel University!!!!

    I met Prince William at Eton College, a friend of mine knows him and her father was the house master to the house at Eton William was staying in. During the summer holidays, she would throw the odd party or two there. Lets just say HRH turned up, moi was drunk and swore blind to his face his wasn't royalty.

    Ok, I was 15 at the time and no, I was banned from ever meeting him again!
  5. while inspecting my old unit a while ago, Brenda (HRHtQ)was taken to see the chaps in the stripped down Landys.

    The veh.commander introduced the various players, "this is Trooper Soandso, he is our signaller, gunner etc" and then came to the driver, who happened to be an excellent NZ guy of Maori heritage.

    The commander said "and this is Trooper Whassisname, and erm...[couldn't think of what to say, 'driver' was a bit boring]...Trooper Whassisname is a Maori!"

    the Queen say "really?" although it sounded more like "rilly", to which Trooper Whassisname said "Fcuk yeah!"

    Brenda laughed, the management blanched and almost died, and the drinks were on him that night!

    I am told that the phrase he employed is seen as no more than "yes indeed" down in NZ and Brenda had the sense to recognise that and take no, or very little offence
  6. "She's a good Sheila Bruce, and not at all stuck up."
  7. A few years ago I saw HM the Queen in the que at McDonalds in Reading.
  8. Ditto (and Elvis was serving her).... :lol:
  9. No Elvis was not. Elvis is dead.

    I am a very patriotic chap, love my country and heritage, respect fellow citizens blah, blah, blah but could think of only one thing more boring than lunching with the Royals and that is telling people that I lunched with the Royals. Buy a house in Berkshire if you feel a bit un-Royal and feel you need a Royal top up. Or buy a souvenir Lady Diana plate.