Lunch Tomorrow Anyone?

Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by The_Snail, Jan 21, 2011.

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  1. I (and my ginger pirate) are meeting up with The Kurgen (and anyone else he can find) for lunch in Richmond (the real one, not the southern shandy drinking one) tomorrow.

    If anyone would care to join us, feel free.

    See you at the flower stall in the market at 1245hrs. Oh, and we are not going to the Spoons, they don't let dogs in and the food is crap. We're going to Sloosey's favourite pub which is just round the corner.
  2. The 'Bishop Blaize'? By ****, you're rougher than I thought.
  3. I'd rather eat my dog's droppings than eat in there.

    Oooh, have you tried the La Piazza 2 just off the Co-op Roundabout? It's jolly nice.
  4. She will still be in bed after tonights snorted shake and vac and some mainlined fairy liquid.
  5. Let's not talk about the house shall we?

    J, you know which pub I'll be going to. Pop along if you want.
  6. I'd love to but I'm having a heavy session on vim and I'll wake up when the first signs of withdrawal start.
  7. Good Persec, We ll see you there too with a few modified beer-kegs and some det-cord..............!
  8. Sadly I will be in the Southern one, drinking Shandy.
  9. It'd be a blessing.
  10. Ewww, imagine the smell of old people piss, in a big cloud, spreading across North Yorkshire? You surely wouldn't inflict that on anyone.
  11. love to slug but Ive got a massive list full of hip and knee replacements keeping me busy from 8am until about 10pm! bugger!
  12. Whys that then, you going down the RBL?
  13. Update on testerdays fun in Richmond.
    After all the guys who were supposed to be joining us cried off with excuses, from a pre booked golf course to domestic issues, Slug and I met up in the market square, no det cord or kegs to be seen,and dug in at the Buck. Much much beer , (And a portion of Garlic Mushrooms ,cos Slug was starving ) later,we moved to the Castle Hotel, on the square, across from the Green Howards museum. At this point,Slug decided to edjumakate the locals in etiquette, and proceeded to start a slanging match with with a pissed matelot about swearing in public, and coupled with having the smelliest dog in NATO on the newly refurbished seats, we were not to politley asked to leave, which we duly did. Fast forward to Bargain Booze, where sluggy went for tabs and wine, while I waited outside with dog, when slug appears, empty handed, followed by shop manager, telling us we wern`t welcome and he didnt want any trouble. What the hell went on I have no idea. Did a quick covert and got slug some tabs, came back out to find slug slumped on floor next to dog.If only I had a hat I thought, coluld clean up on loose change here.....
    Fast forward to taxi rank, where most cabbies were refusing to take smelly hound, or maybe slug and they were being polite, slug was slumped on floor while I did the taxi recce, finaly found one willing to take both.Slug then starts arguing with me that the taxi she has is better,while she is arguing , some random bloke jumps in sluggy cab and foxtrots oscar.
    Finally pours slug into cab, checks driver knows where he is going and posts her home.
    Then proceeded to meet up with mate in local and continue on till 3 am.
    My firkin kidneys hurt today.
    All in all a very satisfactory session.
    Looking forward to the next one
    PS Slug was hammered and on way home by 19.30
  14. You are advised to dress as a vicar and plead with a Muslim taxi driver to show some Christian charity. It didn't work in London mind.
  15. Are Muslim cabbies known for their charitable attitude to smelly dogs and drunk Slugs then?