Lunch at the TAC

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Blyth_spirit, Mar 15, 2006.

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  1. Here's one that's been bugging me for oh so many years:

    I turn in for a training day at my own TAC. I am paid one RPOD. I am not entitled to be fed because if I am training at my own TAC 'I can go home to eat lunch'. I try to claim a second RPOD to cover the 60 miles it would take me to go home and come back again and - strange to relate - I can't do that either.

    I know that if I am training more than 5 miles from the TAC I can be fed and I have heard illicit rumours of falsified instructions to this effect. We also frequently lay on pie and chips, paid for out of GPF, for lads training at the TAC.

    Can anyone give me a good reason for this state of affairs to continue, other than it saving the bean counters 36p a man, or however much they allocate for lunch?

    Alternatively, what is your favourite pay/allowance regulation that makes you feel like a second class citizen?
  2. Does your civvy employer pay for your lunch? Mine doesn't and I don't feel like a second class citizen.

    Stop complaining.
  3. Take sandwiches and a flask of soup.

  4. Yes he does - I'm self employed

    get back in your box
  5. Take something with you and stop bloody complaining, you wonder why SPSI/PSI etc get pi***d off. I cant claim coming to work and often miss meals at the Mess I live in! Get a life!
  6. If you're fed at your civilian employment, then it classes as a benefit, on which you can be taxed. The five mile rule comes from within that I suspect, as that's the guidelines from HMRC and the PAYE people.

    The issue tends to crop up where people think they're entitled to be fed at the public expense, and we're not, unless we're being sent somewhere and have no choice in the matter.
  7. I think the problem comes when people think that nanny state owes them everything.
  8. In order to be fed you have to be paying 'food' at £3something per 24hrs. Then they would be able to produce a ration roll with your name on it. But they will only be able to claim 60p per meal (very very rough figures, and don't hold me to them). Therefore unless you want 60p worth of lunch having paid £3+ I would keep quiet. I'm sure there are also issues of who can actually cook the food, has anyone done their food handling course? Unless they have, no one will be able to cook just incase you get food poisoninig - welcome to the nanny state etc.

    If on the otherhand you are in 'field conditions' then 'Rations' are available, but you clearly arn't.

    How about a sandwich?
  9. Unless the free meal is available to all employees in which case it is not. There are employers who have discovered that if you give folks a lunch hour and lay on a free meal in a canteen they will not take the whole hour. The difference makes it worth the cost of the meal to them. There are other reasons such as avoiding clothing changes, reducing security concerns, and reducing lunchtime traffic.
  10. Yes, that was considered at my place, but the guys on the shop floor would eat the scoff and then spend the next 55 minutes complaining what b*stards the Management are! :D
  11. Why don't we get expenses for wear and tear of footware to and from the TAC? Afterall, once at the TAC, we can change into Boots but not wear them in transit.
  12. Are you taking the p1ss?
  13. I think you should consider claiming for wear and tear on your lungs as well. After all, you have to breath whilst marching up and down dont you
  14. Please put me out of my misery and tell me you are having a laugh. If you're not, put yourself out of OUR misery.
  15. Of course I'm taking the piss. Sounds like some sort of northern thing, asking for lunch. Just walk around the corner and spend some of the dosh HMG has just paid you.