Lumps of meat to the crocodile...

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by mac1, Jun 4, 2010.

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  1. OK, OK, OK. Previous incidents as we all know used "unsporting" weapons such as semi-auto fullbore rifles and handguns and some of the more holier-than-thou types into hunting were all too happy to see the outlawing of weapons that they don't use, especially if they thought it would protect the ones that they do.

    Anyway, I had often wondered about how they would tackle defending their sport after an incident in which "sporting" firearms were used - and it looks like they'll clutch at anything they can...hence this piece in the Telegraph:

    guns for me not for you

    Funny, I was thinking about getting back into shooting after finding a clayground 25 minutes cycle ride from where I live. I live in a town though - don't think I'll bother...
  2. I used to use an air rifle against the crocs on the Limpopo. When I ran out of pellets, my catapult came into action. I got a hippo or two too.

    Well, it passed a slow Sunday afternoon.
  3. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Living in a big fcuk off house in the Countryside, with many acres of land, I quite agree.

    We can't have the peasants starting an uprising now can we?
  4. I see that the journalist, Richard Preston, is maintaining that profession's skill of talking round things about subjects of which they are almost completely ignorant e.g. :

    "We may have some of the strictest gun laws in the world but they’re not strict enough if the police can’t say: actually, you don’t need guns and we’re sorry but you can’t have them. Everything else, including the fact that he turns out to have had a criminal record, is secondary to that."

    That is exactly what the law allows. The police can say exactly that. If one cant convice the police that one has a good reason one does not get an FAC . Simples!

    Any criminal record is also taken into account including a sentence of three years or more resulting in a ban for life.

    What a Maroon (Bugs Bunny)
  5. that's ignorant and patronising
    feel like going and battering the git with a several rolled up copys of the morning star :twisted:
  6. Its the usual load of idiots pontificating on gun ownership! I noticed after the Cumbrian incident that there were SEVERAL reported shootings in London over the weekend! see:- Were these commited with legally owned firearms? I very much doubt it! Since the banning of pistols & semi automatic rifles there has actually been an increase in firearms offences, not by individuals who have legally owned weapons but by criminals who dont give a stuff for the law! So all the kneejerk handwringing wont make a blind bit of difference, if a nutter goes on the rampage a kitchen knife or cleaver can be just as deadly, As in the case in Wolverhampton in 1996 and several attacks in china see:-
  7. Just shoot the fcuker!
  8. to be fair he'd probably starve before I hit him :oops:

    plus battering him with rolled up newspapers would be ironic
  9. But not as ironic as blatting him with a couple of magazines.
  10. he 'ain't the only one: there's a gunshop in Brighton - you might know it. I was in there a few years ago and overheard one of the staff tell customers that they banned handguns because they were easier for criminals to use in robberies.
  11. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Nowt like real ignorance is there, anyone catch the front page of the scum this morning?
  12. living here in sunny queensland, the knee jerk reaction centre of the universe, once you travel into the countryside not even the outback, the amount and variation of weapons in use for hunting is scary 8) just after I arrived here there was the tragedy in tasmania so automatic weapons were banned, at the amnesty weapons return in our little township, the weapon of choice seemed to be the AK whether chinese or russian, an astounding number of SMGs were also returned, but an old pig hunter took first prize he had twin belt fed batterypowered machine guns mounted on the steel re enforced roof of his holden ute, he got upset when they cut the roof off his ute.the mind boggles at some of the weapons that turn upat the local gunclub on sunday mornings for freeshoot, it seems pauline hansons militia are still going strong in country queensland :p
  13. Too thick for bog paper too thin for curtains :D
  14. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    The view in Canada;