Lumix TZ3 Digital Camera

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by semper, Dec 8, 2007.

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  1. Thinking of buying one of these, on paper it looks great, 7.1 meg pixels and 10x zoom and other bells and whistles to go with it.

    anybody else got one, what is it like and how good is the battery will it last all day or two days or a week before recharge on a normal use, any problems with it that I should know about ?

    cheers in advance Chaps and Chappettes :D
  2. Panasonic Lumix have Leica glass. Panasonic do all of Leicas electronic work, I believe.
    Whereas Sony make a big thing about having Zeiss lenses. Yes, but they are Zeiss designed lenses, a slight difference.
    All the Panasonic print work that I have seen has been first rate
  3. As above, Leica glass can only be equaled by true Zeiss glass, (the Sony one is a permitted copy).
    Don’t go for any higher resolution than you have as 6.0mp is about the limit your screen or printer can cope with, any higher and you won’t see any benefits.
  4. 7.1 is pretty standard these days and it is becoming difficult to find many things which are 6 MP.
    The battery should be good for the best part of a week with "normal" consumer use, regarding the "leica" lens, it's licensed by Leica and made in the far east, it's actually difficult to find a compact digital camera with a poor lens these day.
    I sell cameras now that I am out of the mob and the TZ3 has been one of 2007 success stories (when we can get them!) the other quality product to look at is the Canon G9 although it's a bit bigger and only has a 6x zoom it does out perform every thing else in the market.
  5. the Canon G9 does seem quite good, it looks anywhere between £50 to £70 more than the Lumix depending where you go, the prices I have seen for the Lumix is £199 to £249, lots to ponder the pros and cons between the Canon and Lumix.

    I'm also looking to buy plenty of spare Li-ion batteries to tide me over when I travel round til I find a power point, they should hold their charge for a long time, it should work with 240v and 110v with plug adaptors.

    one question Movie capture on the Lumix, is that in MPEG,AVI or MOV, if it is MOV can it easily be converted to MPEG/AVI by changing the file extension to .MPEG without loss of sound and picture ?
  6. The G9 takes the same battery as the Canon 400D SLR which is far superior then the Panasonic battery; however the Panasonic battery is still very good compared to the majority of other compact digital cameras in that price area.
    I have the earlier Canon G7 and find the battery (same as G9) will last about 3 weeks without charging and light use.
    You will also find that whatever you buy will be multi voltage (110~220) so no drama's there.

    MPEG or MOV? To be quite honest I haven't got a bloody clue, and to think I'm the manager! :D
  7. To convert from mov to mpeg will require a conversion application. Sadly it is not as simple as just changing the file extension. There are several programs available on the internet that will do this for you.
  8. HT,

    Since converting to digital, I've used the Canon Ixus 60. I am thinking of upgrading - probably to the Ixus 850IS. Is the G9 a much better option?

  9. Hiya

    MPEG and MOV are films MPEG is generally used in Windows media player, MOV is used by Quick time player.

    personally I prefered Windows player.

    found one
    VIDEOzilla seemed quite good and easy to use, what do you reckon do you know of a better one and most importantly Freeware if possible.
  10. The Ixus 850is is now discontinued; the replacement 860is lacks the viewfinder which was good in bright conditions, however a search online might still find some Ixus 850is still being sold.
    Getting back to the lack of an optical viewfinder, most current compacts have a far better screen resolution than they did 18 months ago.

    And yes the G9 is a much better option if you are going to use all of the features, if you just want a small good quality compact stick with one of the Ixus cameras or whatever else takes your fancy, as said earlier the majority of cameras out there are very good
  11. Leica glass . . . just can't be beaten. It's all down to the lens. A good 6mp will give far better results than a cheap 10mp.