Luminox repair


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My old luminox has started to pause occasionally, sometimes needing a tap to get it going again. I understand the authorised UK repairer is Creative Watches in Birmingham. Has anyone used them for watch repair, and were they any good? Are there any other companies people have used?
This is a runing issue with Luminox .
Mine went into stop/thump/start mode within 3 weeks of arrival.
Contacted the seller who smugly said as I would have to pay all shipping charges to and from CONUS it would easier to go local watch repairer. He was right local watch wallah fixed it for £20 and said something similar "that these Luminox are always having this problem". Whatever that maybe. It has been working well since, but there clearly is an inherent design/component flaw.
Good luck I'm sure they can get it working again.

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