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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by polar69, Nov 12, 2005.

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  1. Right, this may well end up in the crap threads bin but here goes

    I have a watch with luminous numbers and hands, one of those £12 terrain watches from telford mil watch shop

    Now I noticed that in the dark the numbers dont stay "bright" for very long, if I "charge" them up by holding up to a light or something then they stay bright for longer

    Do expensive watches with lumy numbers do the same thing or do they stay bright for ages

    Said it was a dull thred , but one just wondered you know

    How does luminous paint work anyway ?
  2. Granddad gave me a pocket watch when I was very young. I used it in preference to a wrist watch until I was about 14. During a Science lesson, the teacher pulled out a Geiger counter to show us how radioactive various materials were. Typical luminous wrist watches registered about a tenth of the radioctivity of the Lab Caesium sample. Out comes my pocket watch, Ingersoll vintage about 1930, and registers 10 times the Caesium! Needless to say, that was the end of me carrying it in my trouser pocket.
  3. try the LORUS SPORTS watch.. lumibrite face and waterproof to 100m...not very tactical but a great watch for telling time in the dark. ARGOS £21
  4. P69:

    I got the Traser/H3 watch from Telford Services. Your watch that you are describing is like most of the watches out there. The traser (as well as the Nite watches - which are apprently bad BTW as they have a japanese movement instead of swiss) uses GTLS or Gaseous Tritium Light Sources.

    They are very small, enclosed glass vials that contain a light emitting gas source. These things WILL BE BRIGHT ANY TIME OF DAY OR NIGHT, requiring no "recharges" for up to ten years (thats what it says on the box).

    Telford Services will do the Traser/H3 6500 watch for 99 quid.


    These things are fecking bright! I was conducting a night patrol as part of a night sound/light exercise and I was told to take off the watch as it was too bright.
    The bezel is great, it looks pretty cool and its hard wearing...perfect for everyday use.

    My only problem is that as I don't normally carry a phone in the field I require something that goes bleep (albeit very quietly) to wake me up for stag/ morning. The P6500 does'nt have an alarm function but some of the other watches have this function.

    Personally if I was going to get a watch for the field again, I'd stick with a G-shock or one of those Suunto mega watches...

    hope this helps.

  5. Trasers are the dogs balls. I got pissed off with having to press the button on my G-shock when i woke up in the night so i wanted something that would glow permanently.

    The basic black plastic ones are good, but I got a stainless steel one worth £200 on ebay for £80 for every day office use.


    My one looks like this, but with a white face:

  6. I bought a Traser, similar to above, back in 2001. Still works great!

    No worries about not being able to see it in the dark. Highly recommended
  7. Whats wrong with the good old issue G10 for men?

    At the risk of sounding like a tight bastard, why pay all that money for something you can get from the stores for nothing ???
  8. just bought a traser from "luminox ?" the sponsor of i think the int cell after finding the link on this site cracking watch nice and simple and very bright highly recommend these watches and the company.
  9. If anyone has a mate in the States, ask them to send you a catalogue from Walmart, you wouldn't believe how cheap things like watches etc. are, the U.K. really is living in the dark ages when you realise how cheap you can buy things like 4x4's etc. in the Southern States in the U.S. Harleys for around $12,000 and Cherokees at just under $20,000 well worth a shopping trip, but egtting past U.S. Customs is becoming a mare in recent months, with fingerprints, face pic and an eye pic taken!
  10. im going for one of these pups, 40 squid should suffice...


  11. Wish to point out I am perfectly happy with my cheapo terrain watch and will be ordering 2 for the kids chrimbo
  12. Most watches use a paint, Luminova and Superluminova are common on quality watches. The problem with any luminous paint (except Tritium) is that it required charging with light. The length the charge lasts depends on the type, quality and coating of the paint.

    As a rough guide, if you get 2 hours out of luminous paint then you are doing well !

    Tritium (as has been pointed out) is the best. It comes as high yield paint (very dodgy) or in sealed vials in gaseous form (very safe)

    The leading manufacturer of these vials is mb-microtec ag. Their own brand of watch is called 'Traser' and they are made in their factory in Switzerland to the highest standard. They are also the only company that can currently manufacture a tritium vial small enough to fit on the second hand.

    They also manufacture the light sources used by Luminox, although the watches themselves are assembled 'elsewhere'

    NITE use different sourced tritium vials and they are roughly 60% as luminous as the mb-microtec produced ones. This can be an advantage if you don't need the full brightness of the mb-microtec vials.

    In my opinion based on the watches we sell I would rank the watches in the following order taking build quality, price and luminosity into consideration.

    1. Traser
    2. Luminox
    3. Marathon
    4. NITE

    There is a new brand coming onto the market in the near future. They use Swiss Ronda movements and the vials look like mb-microtec ones. They are assembled in Hong Kong. I have sen a sample and the build quality is excellent. They are being supplied to emergency services in the Far East but may come to the UK soon.
  13. Though not exactly Combat-tastic but if you like a good looking watch 'ave a butchers at
    Its run by a guy i know and if you like the look of a particular model PM me and ill look into a discount for ya.
    Ps I've got a Traser and i totally agree they rock but as mentioned above do lack an alaruuum! (My model at least)
    Well worth the Rad poisoning and it makes your arm go numb after a week.
    Dont need the Traser Mafia coming round now do i!
  14. If you need an alarm then Casio G-Shocks or PRG Protrek (Especially the black titanium ones) are the doggies.