Lulworth Cove Civvie store man/women .

Any of you Gunnery types met ''Tash'' the ''ahem'' stores person at Lulworth . Was there on crew commanders a few years ago , me being a D+M bloke i wasnt aware of what lurked in the stores . Down i go to sign for drill rounds , tools etc and i was met by a bloke with a Starsky afro with pink highlights and a pair of tits . I turned round walked out and proceeded to cry in fits of laughter. Turns out ''Tash'' is a man waiting for the op . One of the critiea for ''Tash'' having the op is he/she has to wear a bra with tits fitted for a year to see how it feels . Course intructor told us all that we were not to make any comment re the obvious because ''Tash'' likes to complain to the wing SSM . I challenge any one to go into that store room and not laugh .
There's another one who attends meetings that I have to go to sometimes.

Give's me the creeps, the stubbled chin, big hands and scarf round the throat (presumably) to hide the adams apple. The whole package just looks so wrong!

yes, our course met him/her/it. we stood in amazment and bewilderment, with much, are they waht i think they are, they are arnt they, no it cant be. feck me its wearing lipstick. i had to leave as my sides could not hold in my laughter any more. after that i could not go to the store any more for fear of laggin my self.
boilinthebag said:
Ive seen the "thing" in the stores at lulworth, very attractive... I

f you are in to blokes that is...(9/12L???)
Course youve seen it ball bag its your mum.

9/12 RL are a fine regt dont start that one coz we will come and break your shaved legs!
there is one that used to come to ATDU when i was there, works for Vickers, scary as feck. big tall galoot that wears ladies clothes and is an expert on a TN54!! 8O
9/12 are not a "fine regt"see vast amounts of opinons to the contary this site. as breakif shaved legs, 9/12 to busy using the razors to make lines with.
sniper9 said:
9/12 are not a "fine regt"see vast amounts of opinons to the contary this site. as breakif shaved legs, 9/12 to busy using the razors to make lines with.
They where when I was with them. Everyone slags them off coz no one knows much about them coz they keep themselves to themselves. Lots of good blokes shmae about the ruperts tho.

Mmmm sniper I see from your avtar that your a clown. Well stop talking like one or get a permanent red nose!!
No need to break my legs hog, :cry:

The main problem with 9/12 is the fact that they "like to keep themselves to themselves" Ive been on many a course with them down bovvy and the fact that they "like to keep themselves to themselves" earned them the nickname of the "BORG" or the "UBERCOLLECTIVE" they are a very strange buch indeed. :?
also because most of them suck the atmosphere from any room. apart from the couple i was on my crew commanders with, feckin quality blokes.
I wouldnt do that boiley the tablets stop the mood swings!
There are arrses in every regt in the army its a shame the 9/12 had alot at once. But there were are still are some top blokes there.
No Sniper im not tash but made its aquaintance once!! Scary!
good point, well presented. as for ahem, aquaintence with tash, define aquaintence. you kinky devil
Walked in to sign out some kit. Bursh out lauging and was in me SSM's in tray 5 mins later being to not to take the piss out of the civilian staff!
It speaks with a full on male voice as well , on the joining brief now i believe the lads are given a very subtle ''Gypsies warning'' ref civilian staff .But as we all know it is impossible not to laugh when you first see him/her.
i thought all manjam jugglers were in the HCR. nice to see the RAC taking a lead in gender related issues. next thing u know we will have a transexual RSM, the reme have. mind u the RSM we has no balls, so i think we win.
Oh MY FCUK!, just done a corse a Lulwarth, thought my instructor was avin a bit of a larf, felt a bit odd asking IT for a spunk catcher!.

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