Luke mitchell guilty of murder of jodie jones

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, Jan 21, 2005.

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  1. Luke mitchell(16) has been found guilty of the murder of his girlfriend Jodie Jones(14)

    Judge says he will face indefinite imprsonment
  2. I didn't follow the 'story' well and recall where he actually joined in the search for her body. I thought at first the police had cleared him of any involvement in her disappearance? What was his motive? Jeezus - what mind this young man had to slay his own girlfriend like that.

    What a waste of two young lives, despite one being the cause of it all. If he is guilty, may he be further punished inside.

    Link to story:,,30000-13286701,00.html
  3. I think initially he was ostracised by the Jones' who had their suspicions over his involvement, but the police were not so convinced. It took a good while for them to get a case together.

    He also caused fury by visiting her grave after the funeral when jones' had asked him to stay away.

    Must be a bit of a psycho to have cut her throat and slashed her breast almost off. :evil:

    hope he rots inside

    The parents of both parties are partially to blame aswell though as they both allowed jodie and luke to smoke dope, become goths and encouraged them to do things that they were legally too young and immature to do. He was also apparently obsessed with the devil and marlyn manson 8O
  4. There were some pieces of evidence that were a bit slim. Given some time and efforts by his family, he'll doubtless appeal and get a retrial. Hanging would save all the waste of money.
  5. I hope he gets whats coming to him inside. Disgraceful thing is he might well be getting exactly what he hoped for with all this publicity.
    Prison is too good for someone like that.
  6. Person sentenced for murder by only witness statements, no forensic evidence, man being sentenced for double murder and attempted murder on the word of a herion addict prisoner no forensic evidence, nice justice system.
  7. So being seen committing a crime by someone isn't evidence enough?
  8. Not rock hard evidence though, easy to contradict, hard to contradict someone elses blood spatter over your clothes? I don't think the witnesses saw him hacking away at her though.

    Granted the guy seems like a certified loony though.
  9. I must admit, that from what i know of the case, there was NO definitive evidence that proved him guilty.

    The whole case was based on his behaviour after her murder. He was the one that found her when they started looking for her (he led the family to the v sape hole in the wall and showed no emmotion when he found her)

    He also phoned her family to try and make it look like he never met her.

    To make it even more obvious, he burnt his jacket that he wore that night and disposed of a hunting knife that he had before the killing.

    All coincedental evidence that is not strong enough to send him down, but the main evidence that was used against him was the information given by the witnesses that were with him when he found her.

    Just seems a bit flimsy to send him down, but obviously the judge and jury thought it was enough :?