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Discussion in 'Officers' started by Lampard, May 11, 2009.

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  1. Afternoon all,

    Firstly please ignore the O2 tag, I acted like an idiot a while ago and now can't get it shifted, I hope it won't affect your judgement of me.

    Now, on to the meat and balls of what i'm here for:

    I'm 18 years old, in my first year of college and hoping to go on to Uni to study War, Peace and International Relations, with aspirations of becoming an officer in either the AAC or the RAC. I've read a fair bit about the bursary available to me should i be awarded it, but i've a question regarding eligibility.

    Back when i was around 15-16, i had ear tunnels in. My ears were stretched from a regular stud to a tunnel of around 16mm. I took them out in October last year upon joining the TA, and they began to heal. Now they look like they've done all their healing and they've left holes of about 3-4mm in each ear, enough to see a small bit of daylight. On my passing out of TA CMSR at ATR Pirbright, the inspecting officer commented mentioning that they may possibly be a drama for AOSB, but he didn't know.

    I'm wondering if anyone has an answer for me, will it be a major issue?

    If I excel at AOSB will they ignore them if my results are good?

    I'd be very disappointed if they were to provide a bar to officer entry because i truly believe the career of an army officer is my path.

    Any replies appreciated,

  2. Can't comment on how much it would affect you at AOSB. General advice is to see your GP and ask about reconstructive surgery. Should be fairly simple but could save a lot of explaining during your career (forces or otherwise) why you have holes in your lobes.

    Good luck.
  3. Good lord! You wore bloody ear-rings? I thought you were describing some sort of corrective surgery to improve your hearing (WTF ARE ear tunnels BTW?) and was about to offer my sympathy.
    Back in the early 60s in FARELF Jocks would have swallows tattooed on their earlobes those who had aspirations
    had their earlobes removed (the lobes being too small for skin grafts and laser removal not then invented). There was at least one LE cutting around in SCOTDIV sans earlobes in the 80s!
    How badly do you want a commission?
  4. This

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  5. Handy for hanging bungees off!
  6. Ouch 8O !
  7. I can imagine that should you ever earn a comission that your troops will have some very imaginative nick names for you which will stick like glue throughout your career.
  8. Dear God. I would imagine those will go down about as well at AOSB as they probably did when your parents first found out. I hope you are appropriately embarrassed. Assuming you have fully repented and actually have what it takes to become an officer it shouldn't stand in your way, but it probably will.

    If I were in your position (yeah right!), I would have them sewn up before going anywhere near the selection board and that way you never need to mention it to anyone.
    That may only be available privately and it may cost a few hundred quid, which probably sounds like a lot to the sort of person that has those things in their ear lobes, but if you make it as an officer it will have paid off handsomely.

  9. Ear Ear