Ludovic Kennedy


Which allows me to mention, again:

Nurse at vasectomy whispers: "He has the word Ludo tatooed on his wotsit"

Other nurse: "It's not Ludo... it's Llandudno"

Edited for doh!

Titfer pls waiter.


Book Reviewer
Try 'Sub Lieutenant, a Personal Record of the War at Sea', Ludovic Kennedy, Batsford 1942. LK served on board HMS Tartar on the Bismarck chase and other adventures. His father lost his life in 1939 in command of HMS Rawalpindi (armed merchant cruiser, converted P&O liner) engaging the Nazi battle cruisers Scharnorst and Gneisenau and thereby foiling those ships' breakout into the Atlantic. RIP.
I remember he had the slot on Radio 4 right after a ship was announced as sinking in the falkands, he seemed very moved at the time.

Sadly there's no other place a reformed liberal could go.


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