Lucy's Boss.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Arte_et_Marte, Oct 28, 2011.

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  1. Before this subject gets locked, I offer a last parting shot.

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  2. I managed 10 seconds
  3. Lasted longer than me mate , but that gose for many a thing utter shite.
  4. I got a stick figure of sorts.
  5. Shit, that took me bloody ages. :nod:

    Ah well, back to the friggin drawing board.
  6. Walt Disney your not. Hey, I just did a funny...get it Walt and Walt Disney, ha I'm a fucking comedian.

    Why yes that is my hat and coat, why?
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  7. It's the software, it's shit.
  8. fwiw the princess is a septic... aspiring to be a princess.
    Grace Kelly she is not.
  9. Fixed etc etc
  10. Pretty gash, but still made me chuckle.

    I must get out more...
  11. Hilarious mate PMSL
  12. Fuck 'em, I thought it was funny.
  13. It was obviously that shite, someone removed it.
  14. I blame the Sys Ops entirely, Arte et Marte's creativity has been abused by the Royal Corps.

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    For heaven's sake man, have you learned nothing?

    "Arte_et_Marte would like to profoundly apologise for whatever it was (I couldn't bloody open it either). It was done by someone incredibly junior who had been with his company for less than a week, they are really, really sorry and it was certainly nothing whatsoever to do with A_e_M so don't try pinning it on him - no way, no how, no siree."

    Do pay attention.
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