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Discussion in 'REME' started by plw1970, Oct 5, 2006.

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  1. My favorite Pin Up is Lucy Pinder, she has got the most photogenic hands I have ever seen!! for some reason they are in every picture I have ever seen of her. I would like to see a picture or three of her without her hands in the way, (although I love them) does anyone else agree, and who is your favorite Pin Up?
  2. get a life you knobber.
  3. Plw, I understand how you feel. I often have thoughts about Lucy's hands, I say thoughts more urges. My most recent one is where I chop off her hands with a blunt and rusty axe. then get lucy to forceably fist me with her dripping stumps. Mind you I feel a tart as I have the same thoughts about Keely, 19 from doncaster.
  4. Keely is from Bromley in Kent: do you honestly think anything attractive came out of Doncaster?
  5. After a few pints anything is attractive :oops:
  6. This is for the NAAFI realistically.

    But I'm sure Lucy Pinder used to be 3rd man in a 434 somewhere, and made gopping brews.
  7. She was refused a food handling cert on account of her enormouse carbuncles harbouring germs so she couldnt sell bokkies at cowboy time. Had to resort to getting most of her kit off instead, shame really cos the sight of her with a warm bokkie in her mit would have been quite arousing.......
  8. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Good Gods, this thread is pants! Get a grip! I've already moved one utterly bone thread today, let's get a grip here, please.

    The REME thread is going to get the reputation of homing sad deluded people who don't know whether they are Soldiers or Tradesmen or Professional Engineers. Wait a minute........
  9. See, it just cant be helped can it - one starts and we're all doing it - I'm on one thread extolling the virtues of the more serious side of life and how we need more substance and less moaning, then I'm in here making childish remarks and getting slagged off...... Its like moths to a flame, inveitable and scarey, very scarey.....................