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Lucky pilot or good plane?

Mr_Deputy said:
that and some pretty shite flying - Skyhawk flying upside down then flies upwards into belly of one of his wingmen in the F15 who is 1. launching a missile and 2. flying over the top of the Skyhawk...doing this defends an airfield does it?
oy vey!
I think it's a sort of "Last one left standing is the winner" tactic ... :wink:
Couldn´t see where the other aircraft was ?
Sue the bloody radar manufacturer :D

As for the pilot, with that much luck (and skill), he should have played the pools that day :p
Mr_Deputy said:
pic taken on the ground after landing shows him beaming away having stepped out of cockpit...which was great flying...but had he just killed a member of his squadron (in the A4? Which is described as becoming instant fire ball or similar.)
Admittedly he was probably reasonably clear of blame ...but I'd hardly call it a great day.

Seems not as this link indicates he was 'automatically' ejected.... is that just tech speak for the plane broke up around him?

Plane was heading for the ground anyway but it was good flying to get it there and walk away.....

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