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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by terroratthepicnic, Apr 20, 2009.

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  2. couldn't believe it when i read that :eek:

    The guy even carried on fighting afterward.... that's what you call cajones!!
  3. Christ,You need that like a hole in the head.
  4. You lucky bastard.
  5. Meanwhile back at the Stores, (or whatever Percy calls it) manned by narky old civvy in Brown coat, (he did 9 years, but missed the mob on leaving), takes one look at kit in front of him, pulls himself up to his full 5' 3" and says,

    "You're gonna 'ave to pay for that 'elmet lad, It's got an 'ole in it."

    Nice one Willy, next time keep your head down mate.
  6. I thought the MK6 was designed to deflect that kind of impact???
  8. There was a similar case in the Falklands war - a guy from 2 Para (I think) was hit in his helmet which entered at the front and exited at the back. After the war I went to the 'Falklands War Roadshow' where the guy gave one of the presentations. His helmet was on display - how half of his head wasn't missing I'll never know, but apparently the round entered the helmet skimmed around the inside before exiting at the rear. I am reasonably sure he was given the MM for his exploits during the war.
  9. There was a similar story from the Vietnam war that was recounted in Robert Mason's book Chickenhawk.

    During the Battle of Ia Drang, a helicopter pilot, lifting off from one of the hot landing zones, was hit in the head by a bullet that went through his helmet, bounced off the little ridge of bone right in front of his right ear, deflected up between his scalp and the inside of his helmet, then circled up inside the top of his helmet and hit the ridge of bone in front of his left ear and exited out through his helmet.

    I can only imagine what his co-pilot's expression was when he stuck his fingers into the two bleeding holes on either side of his flight helmet.
  10. remind anyone of the story of a lucky bootie at the beginning of telic? 3 rounds in the helmet but he survived. lucky bastard, the stories went.

    egg all over the press' faces, when it turned out the guy's mates had nicked his helmet and used it for target practice as a joke :D
  11. He was indeed awarded the MM following the incident at Bocca House (sp?). He rose to Major and left a couple of years ago I believe.
  12. On of my veterans turned up with a smile on his face one morning. Had spat out a bullet with his cornfalkes ! Was shot in the face in WWII and as the bullet was lodged close to the brain in his hard palate they decided to leave it there. Resurfaced after 60 years. Now thats Lucky !
  13. i seem to remember a soldier in NI being saved by his helmet when he was shot with the Barratt .50 cal. IIRC he was in a ditch doing cover on a VCP. one of the only guys to survive being shot with that fucking beast of a weapon.

    (and before anybody starts banging on about how a .50 cal would have gone through his helmet without blinking, i'm guessing it probably was a glancing hit or something.)
  14. lucky Fcuker!

    Just saw it on Sky news and couldnt help having a chuckle when his CO said ' hes only the second soldier ive come across...'

    dont suppose i'll ever grow up. :roll:
  15. What good news. Good luck Wiily, God bless you son and may you always be so lucky. I look forward to hearing of you back with your family and friends.