Lucky lad! This Close To Death

I like the bit where he says the staff sgt asked for a big sticking plaster.

"I've been shot."

"**** off you girl, bang a plaster on your poor poor"

Edited to add: Brave lad, hope alls well with him.
crated .... lucky lucky bar-steward.


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Heard about this around the time it happened, one lucky, lucky bugger!

On a side note had the pleasure of meeting your CO at 51 last year at a wedding, sound bloke. Your 2iC oth...... ^_~
Indeed, less said the better about some. :)

Yes very lucky, he was one of 3 in our troop alone that got caught with small arms. One being luckier, the other not so lucky but making a good recovery I'm glad to add.
Could also be a Mauser or a Tokarev.

Very lucky Sapper though; now if he was really enterprising he would reload it and "send" it back, without compliments.
Haha, Rodders attention seeking again.
I was supposed to be providing top cover while this happened, unfortunatley for Rodders my death delivering hands had to return to the PB to collect the rest of said MGOB. Came back and everyone was cowering in a ditch. Work shy cnuts.
Good man! Dodgy beret.

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