Lucky Heather?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by fltpilot, Nov 30, 2012.

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  1. If heather is so luck why do pikeys, sorry i mean travelling folk want to get rid of it by selling it?
    Surely they want to live the dream with all the luck it brings them?
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  2. Lucky enough to not pay tax!
  3. I knew a girl called Heather - she got hit by a car.... So it's not that lucky.
  4. I knew her as well. She's got a brand new car on Mobility. So quite lucky after all.
  5. Heather Mills. Only one drumstick, although she did rev Macca for a good few beer tokens.
  6. Ask Darren about lucky heather.

    ImageUploadedByARRSE Adfree1354289997.565792.jpg

    ImageUploadedByARRSE Adfree1354290018.548176.jpg
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  7. Simple. If you buy some, they fuck off.

    That's bloody good luck, in my book.
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  8. Tell them you have second sight and that they should go elsewhere to sell there heather or bad things will happen to them
  9. Jimmy Savile had his name down for the one in the babygrow

  10. Calm down dear - it was a made up story in a soap opera!

    No male organs were injured during the making of the series.
  11. what is this heather you talk about not some over paid actress in a soap opera? eastenders by anychance?
    last time i watched dr legg was in it, is he still?
  12. Last time I watched a soap, Ken Barlow was a cheeky little shit that needed a slap from a grown- up.

    Is the cunt dead yet ?
  13. ...................Oi Moosh,

    Dahn yew be avin ago moosh!

    Or I'll be sennin a cupla mooshers round tu do some fly tippin outside yer dorr!

    Yer roof needs sortin, I can see a load of loos tyles!

    Speshul prices to yew!
  14. It didn't bring much luck to whoever had been driving the mondeo I saw in a scrap yard. The 'lucky' heather was still in silver foil, stuck on top of the dashboard, but the damage was so bad the fire brigade had to cut the roof off to get the poor fucker out.
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