Lucky Escape

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ZappBrannigan, May 13, 2008.

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  1. Lucky lad.

    I nominate the journo for non sequitur of the year award for this:

    "An Army officer from the Highlands survived an attack in Afghanistan when a rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) bounced off his chest before exploding........ While at Sandhurst Royal Military Academy, Lt Robertson hit Prince William with a potato in riot training."
  2. Jammy git!!!!
  3. Rotton tactics the Taliban are using now . . . if they want a skiffin competition then that means war!
  4. Yeah, but:

    Honour was satisfied. Teach 'em to go around pooh-taching our lads! :D
  5. Is it me or is he proper old for Lt?

    Is he a direct entry geezer or did he get pinged from the ranks

    Good cheesy grin in the phot though!!! Cheers Terry..............Next!!!
  6. The obvious title to this has to be Rocket-proof Rupert

    (and yes, I'm a journalist, sorry)
  7. It didn't 'bounce' off him, it 'skiffed'. Correct terminology is required here. Bouncing off a girls face is not the same as skiffing her. :D
  8. you lucky, lucky, lucky bast@rd! 8)
  9. Now there goes a man, when he returns to UK, first stop should be the newagents, fill out the Euro millions lottery coupon, ride your luck while you can.
  10. That he survived getting hit by an RPG or that he got to pelt the second in line to the throne with root vegetables? :)

    Are you kidding? He's probably used up every last bit of luck he had for life. ;)
  11. He got a medal for launching a King Edward at a Prince? I should be getting a few medals for throwing the odd Richard the Third during various exercises (I didn't hit any princes, just a few Queens)
  12. Or was it Lt Wales getting his own back. "fcuking king ted on me sweede, i'll get yeh"

  13. Hope not, a few more guys like him and terry'll just give up, what a coup, terry thinking that RPGs just bounce off our guys.
  14. Very very lucky to say the least.