Lucky bu&&er ground crew

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by ugly, Feb 27, 2007.

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  1. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

  2. That's a small helicopter on a small ship. It's registered in the USA and the pilot pooed his pants but not as bad as the GC to the rear of the little helicopter (I believe he had runny brown stuff in both boots).
  3. Greenpeace ship? I think Flash covered this on another thread. Sorry.
  4. That ship is pitching very heavily. Watch the horizon. Looks like they were preparing for take off when a heavier pitch tipped the helicopter. Pilot wasn't expecting it, probably hadn't got enough power to go up fast enough. Then lost the tail rotor and did a bloody good job (or was very lucky) in slamming it hard back into the net.
  5. That ship is barely moving, if you watch the horizon you will see it barely moves. It can only be heaving 2 or 3 feet at most.

    If it was pitching heavily the people on deck wouldn't move around so easily.

    Wish all my ship operations had been on such a calm sea.

    I don't know but it looked like the rear of the right skid may have snagged the deck net and he appeared to lift off with a ton of forward cyclic applied.

    Good landing though.