Lucky 20p Owners Could Get £50

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Biggles4221, Jun 29, 2009.

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  1. Thought l'd put this in the NAAFI as more people have a look in here.

    Apparantly there is a batch of new 20p piece with out a date on them. As it currently stands the London Mint office will give you £50 if you return it to them. However it will no doubt be worth more in the long run! There are roughly 200,000 of them in circulation and none of the buggers are in my pockets, change jar or down the back of my sofa!
    On the new 20p the date is on the same side as Her Majestys head

    If you find one, you could look at this website

    Full story here

    200,000 of the buggers one of us lot is bound to get one!
  2. Royal Mint Cock-Up could net you a small fortune:


    Edited to Add: Hurry as only the 1st 10,000 Registrations on a special Website will receive the £50...
  3. I have a feeling that my nearest sweetshop owner wont like me later on as im going to by penny sweets with a note and ask for the change in 20p's
  4. i have a very large bottle at home full of coins. im going to go through it later and if i find one im thinking ebay for H4H
  5. Many moons ago my uncle used to take a bag of coins to work (post office manager) and substitute cupro-nickel for any with any intrinisic value. The lazy greedy tw*t.

    For f**ks sake :roll:
  7. Thanks Sainty. Merged.
  8. The London Mint Office didn't issue these coins so you can't return them!!!! The Royal Mint issued them. The LMO is a private company that sells coins.

    These coins will be worth a lot more than £50 each in due course.

  9. Have a look on ebay. There are quite a few on there. One has even been bid upto £190!

  10. bet you broon is found stuck with his hand down the back of the couch looking for 20p's
  11. I wasn't paying attention properly, but I recall on TV news today it was said that one of these coins on eBay? had started at £18 and bidding had risen to £5,000?

    According to this eBay list:

    .... there are some "Buy it Now" with an asking price of £5,000.

    Seems to be another thread here:

    and the link posted:
  12. I remember when the 2 pound coin came out, some had the queen wearing a necklace they were valued at 18 quid if you found one. Me and my mate hads a good few and made a mint. So check your 2 pound coins aswell :)