Lucien Victor Ott (the real story about IBA founder and Jimbos mentor)

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Gothia, Jul 26, 2011.

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  1. I have long ago realised that one of the major points of dismantling Mr Shorts empire and the IBA, would be to produce solid proof that the claims in regards of Mr Ott "history" are FALSE.

    So I have used quite some time researching the gentlemans whereabouts and claims.

    For starters :

    On the IBA history page it states

    After the war he transferred to the Deuxieme Bureau (Military Intelligence). In Marseillaise his friend Jim Alcheik (of the French Secret Service) introduced him to Karate and Aiki Ju Jutsu training of the Yoseikan school under Tetsuki Murikami.

    Okey a few background notes

    Ott and Alcheik were both born in Algeria in 1931 and only a few streets from eachother.

    From my knowledge they could have been childhood friends.

    Alcheik went to Tunis during his younger years and started to show interest in relation to martial arts.

    He later did his military service in the french forces without any special notice or the grandeur of Otts.

    From the mid 50s Alcheik is instrumental in the creation of martial arts in France.

    Maître Jim Alcheik

    Ott and Alcheik did meet, but it was in Avignon.

    And at that stage Alcheik was NOT at all in the FSS(french secret service)

    But to mention it seems to generate the atmosphere that Ott loved and that Shortt lives on.

    Alcheik did introduce Ott into the cirkels of martial arts, where Ott was a novice. Alcheik had spent 2 and a half year in Japan and was a grand maitre.

    Ott studied Alcheiks work closely and even his books and instruction manuals.

    So much that the later writings of Ott during his time in Munic, Germany. Seem to have taken a lot or all from the writings of Alcheik.

    Some will call it stolen, transformed or manipulated.

    A very Mr Shortt mo

    Ott and or Shortt claims that Alcheik was a part of the FSS

    Well around 1962 he is contacted by the interior ministry in France. Asked if he could put up an clandestine printing center in Algeria.

    He did, but by misfortune the printer was blow up and Mr Alcheik killed, in what was to be known as the

    Villa El Biard incident 1962

    If this adds up to be a service for the FSS???. I would say douptfull. Alternativly all actions during 1961 to 62 could be rated FSS

    Alcheik was a comited person with a ferm direction and a morale that even gave him the highest credit in Japan.

    So there must have been a reason why he officialy distanced himself from Ott in the late 50s. and a reason why Ott, selected to use/copy his writings claiming them to be his own.

    Nasty stuff to do to a childhood friend

    but very IBA
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  2. Mr Ott was NOT the bodyguard of President/General De Gaulle

    A lie that have been repeated by Shortt and the IBA over the last many years is

    Lucien was working against terrorism in Algeria when he was selected by M. Tinet to form a personal bodyguard for President de Gaulle at the height of the OAS crisis. Under the authority of General de Monssabert a group of ex-special forces veterans were formed as "Les Gorilles". When Pompidou succeeded De Gaulle as President 'Les Gorilles' were given the option of being absorbed by the Gendarmerie or leaving.

    The real problem there is that there were only 4 bodyguards with Pres. de Gaulle

    The lead man that was with him all the way back from 1947 to his death in 1970 was Roger Tessier

    He has written a very interesting book...only in french

    J'étais le gorille du Général , 1947-1970
    Roger Tessier, Jean-Paul Ollivier
    Biographie (broché). Paru en 10/2002

    In this book he tells all about how the service was founded and how the 3 other were recruted.

    Qoute from preface to book

    In the ten years of the presidency of General de Gaulle, four bodyguards, selected by André Malraux, four as the three musketeers, have ensured the safety of the head of state that they nicknamed them "grandpa." Roger Tessier, boxer, Henry Djouder, fighting to free France of Kabyle origin, René Auvray, the parachutist, replaced in 1963 by Raymond Sassia, the sniper, and Paul Comiti, corse their boss, Commander Navy and resistant embody the golden age of close protection. Forty years later, three of them deliver their memories of a time when the "gorillas" were to carry out their mission without a mobile phone or headset, or snipers posted on rooftops. The more challenging for these tough guys, was how the general was unaware of the danger. In the 60s, a score of attacks have been foiled.

    Les gorilles du général de Gaulle - Le blog de philippe poisson

    And Mr Ott was NOT one of them !!

    And he is also wrong when he states that it was GeneralJoseph de Goislard de Monsabert, who was responsible for recruitment.

    Joseph de Goislard de Monsabert - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    It was André Malraux.

    All in All another BIG lie by the IBA

    Ott was never the bodyguard of De gaulle

    So I guess the rest is also FAKE

    de gaulles gorillaer.jpg

    Ott is NOT in the pickture because he never came close to the General
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  3. Can we have this and the Sweden thread merged with Castleshort part V?
  4. Can you do that for me?????

    I have a lot more explosive revalations in stock !!!!
  5. Im going fr a "so ******* what " here fellas, seriously don't you have anything better to do ?
  6. I guess we all have REAL lives and not the FAKE IBA ones

    I actualy feel sorry for the 10.000 of people that have been frauded by Jimbo and Ott

    seems like Shortt just refined an already exsisting product
  7. I don't. His work supports Darwin, and is vital to the continuance of our race.
  8. 10 point zero people ?
  9. There is an interesting anti Shortty group on Facebook called

    IBA the Shortt story

    super reading
  10. You're just jealous of his apparent success.
  11. Can't we just have a gizmo on here that as soon as any key words regarding Shorrty and his misdoings appear, the thread deletes itself. It would save all the bollocks being posted, 4 years ago, it might have been interesting, but now it's a drain on the server as it can only hold so much bullshit.
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  12. degaulle a aubusson.jpg

    On the 29 jan 1962 De gaulle was in Aubusson with his REAL Bodyguards

    They are easily spotted and for no surprise

    OTT is Not there

    Very Jimbo like to vanish !!
  13. So a picture of DG and his heavies.

    I have some pictures also, Jim Short isn't on them either, should he be ?
  14. La Case du siècle
    De Gaulle et ses gorilles

    de gaulle bg.jpg

    Quatre gardes du corps veillèrent pendant dix ans à la sécurité du général de Gaulle,
    jusqu'à sa mort.

    © Tony Comiti ProductionsAu long des dix ans passés à la tête de l’Etat français, le général de Gaulle fut protégé par quatre gardes du corps choisis par André Malraux. Quarante ans après sa mort, trois d’entre eux livrent leurs souvenirs intimes d’un grand homme, qui protégea aussi sa vie privée.

    Comme les trois mousquetaires, ils étaient quatre. Tous pour un, un pour tous : les gardes du corps du général de Gaulle sont restés à son service jusqu’à sa mort. Il y avait Roger *Tessier, le boxeur ; Henri Djouder, le Kabyle, combattant de la France libre ; René Auvray, le parachutiste, qui fut remplacé en 1963 par *Raymond Sasia, le tireur d’élite ; et Paul Comiti, leur patron, corse, commando marine et résistant. C’est lui qui fixa la règle des quatre mêmes gorilles, dont le dévouement pour le général fut total. Chargés de sa sécurité lors de ses déplacements, ils incarnèrent un âge d’or de la protection rapprochée, sans portables, ni oreillettes, ni tireurs d’élite sur les toits. En 1964, lors de sa tournée triomphale en Amérique latine, des étudiants bousculèrent le général. Paul Comiti le soulèva alors et le porta : la légende des gorilles de De Gaulle était née.
    Aujourd’hui, René Auvray et Roger Tessier se souviennent : « Il nous voulait pas mais il nous acceptait » ; « On disait pas "Mon Général” entre nous, on disait "Pépère”. » Ils furent le rempart entre lui et la foule où de Gaulle adorait s’immerger, et les photographes, et journalistes, qu’il apréciait moins. « Il ne nous a jamais beaucoup aimés, les photographes, parce qu’il n’aimait pas être photographié avec ses lunettes », explique Bernard Charlet, grand reporter à France-Soir. Sa myopie constitua un véritable défi pour les quatre gorilles, qui devaient en permanence veiller à ce qu’il ne chute pas. Mais le plus éprouvant pour les gardes du corps, c’était le caractère de leur patron : « Il ignorait le danger », évoque Raymond Sasia. Or, dans les années 60, pas moins de vingt attentats contre le général furent déjoués. Deux fois, il échappa à la mort. Dans ce film aux allures de polar des années 60, gorilles et photographes égrènent les anecdotes, révélant un de Gaulle facétieux et orgueilleux, mais qui sut toute sa vie rester discret sur sa vie privée.

    Anne-Laure Fournier

    Durée 52’
    Auteur-réalisateur Renaud Fessaguet et Frédéric Decossas
    Production France Télévisions / Tony Comiti Productions
    Année 2010
  15. Outside of the various Shortt threads on Arrse, I would never have heard of the bloke. Rather like the dodgy merc who was found dead in some euro garage.

    I am sure he is a walt, enough people have said so here. But if one wants to do CP work, surely checking up on the background of your trainers would be something to do for yourself?

    Like Mike Golden, I neither know, nor care.

    Give it a rest.