LtGen Morrison's Speech

Discussion in 'Australia' started by IrishInOz, Jul 8, 2013.

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  1. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

  2. Thought Morrison was killed back when he was a Colonel in Vietnam?
    Hat, coat, door
  3. Hmmmmmmmm

    My honest opinion:

    1. Its a dog whistle. He is doing it not because he thinks it, but because he has political masters who expect it.

    2. From my understanding, the incidents happened off duty and were not in uniform. Some of the emails describing the events (and possibly some of the photographs - although not pornographic ones) were sent via the DRN. Others were sent via the public internet.

    The women involved did so willingly, and apparently several are uniform groupies. One is an air hostess.

    So a bunch of guys describe their sex lives in emails. and now we have Chief of Army on TV telling everyone if you think thats acceptable then get out.

    FFS - I would be happier if Morrison was as brutal and forceful over some other issues like equipment delays, and stopped worrying about the sex lives of his workers. He should be grateful they have one.

    There is even talk that the women involved will get compensation!!

    Meanwhile in Townsville Diggers have been "cautioned" for making reference to "Fat Chicks" on Facebook!!

    There is a dividing line between a solders right to a personal life, and cautioning him or standing him down over comments made on the public internet are in my opinion within the private realm.

    Edited to add: And yes Sir, Im not sure what happened was unacceptable.

    I look at porn at home, and I once humped my wifes best friend. Are you going to kick me out for that? :(
  4. Drivers_lag

    Drivers_lag On ROPs

    I would, because I am a Brit.

    'What' I 'would', I'll leave to your imagination.

  5. Either way you look at it, the video has gone down very well with our 'merican friends. They love the way he's direct and to the point. Their generals aren't allowed to talk that harshly at them!
  6. Yes but they DO talk that harshly to suppliers and contractors which we don't.

    We put up with DMO and their crazy decisions and constant ******* mistakes, and no one says a word. How many pairs of boots was I issued when GPS were withdrawn? Poo boots, then the leaking boots with holes in them (instant trench foot) etc.

    There was the absolutely insane decision to make a fleece that wasn't a fleece, but used wool. They ordered something like 70,000 and before deliveries were even complete they were withdrawing them and giving them to the cadets. Who thought that up? and where was their heat seeker?

    A bit of harsh talk in other areas would be useful.
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