Lt. Mark Evisons journal in the Telegraph

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Krek_Brizzle, Jul 14, 2009.

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  1. If you have a 'dicky ticker' or you are a ZANU Neu Arbeit supporter, I suggest that you do not read this article.

    It was written by a man, now dead, who could have had NO IDEA that one day it would be available for the public read.

    The Voters Exam Question:

    Do you believe a soldier writing facts as he sees them in the midst of the battles in Afghanistan? Or, do you believe the words of Brown, Milliband, Ainsworth, Stirrup and Mandelson, whose combined record for probity and accuracy is not without blemish?

    Answers to No. 10 Downing Street.
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  2. I ask this government, could you face Mrs Evison? Is your conscience absolutely resolute that you have done the right thing? Because assuredly you will have to live with your conscience long after the trappings of power are long gone.
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  3. I sometimes thing of eulogies as form things. However, in the case of this guy, saying we lost a good man is horribly true. Mother seems a real lady in way she has handled it all.
  4. His mother showed great strength and dignity on her loss, when she read a short part of his diary, on news night last night.

    Paxman's rereading of part of that same extract to Rammel and his reaction shows exactly why he should not be the armed forces minster.
  5. Rammel is a disgrace of a man (much like the rest of them)

    Im personally fed up with the constant use of spin regarding lack of equipment and more importantly HELICOPTERS.

    Ive heard Brown and that nob Rammel mention (he in the same room as a mother of the Officer listed in the journel who before he died had mentioned about lack of equipment/helicopters)
    How Heli-lift capability has increased 60% since 2006.

    HOW MANY NOW???????????

    Lynxs cannot operate during the heat of the day in the summer, scratch them
    Apaches, no carry capability, scratch them

    Chinooks and Sea kings, so including the need for IRT SH and air frames in for servicing, maybe 8 airframes, maybe?

    For 3 battlegroups?????????????????????

    A disgrace.
  6. I am also fed up with the way walt communist Ainsworth uses the word 'ellicopter this and 'ellicopter that in the Chamber. Anyway walter, what happened to the Danish 'ellicopters, another procurement fcuk up?
  7. and

    Anyone see a link here?

    So much for the 'golden hour'(Yes, I know there's a war on unlike, it would seem, the politicos.)

    War on the cheap(1), from the horses mouth.

    (1)As I will never tire of saying.
  8. 3 Para Battle Group was not a Brigade

  9. I presumed he meant scratch them out of the equation as regards transport helicopters and not that he meant they are worthless.
  10. Just watched Mrs. Evison on Newsnight. A very strong, dignified lady to be able to talk about the death of her son in such a way. Dusty in here...
  11. Lt. Evison leaves an important legacy.

    He was in the van of military men who wrote about the reality of what they were tasked to do. He gained an audience and his words are read out to worthless Ministers on prime time television.

    We can all see the effect of his words on those who are apologists for the disgraceful shower currently in charge.

    But it's more than that. If you read between the lines now, I think you'll find a British public that understands what is going on far more than it has ever done before.

    They will, for the first time since 1945 remember the armed forces when they vote.

    Lt. Evison has helped to seal this government's fate.
  12. While I agree with your sentiments, sadly your prediction that the public will remember the Armed Forces is not taking into account the fact that very few of the uneducated fuckwits that vote labour either read the telegraph or watch newsnight. Now if was published in the Sun/ Mirror etc and broadcast by Pete and Katie, you might have a chance of getting through to them. On the upside most of the fuckwits I refer to can't be arrsed to vote
  13. The election will be a no-contest , the only problem is that it can't come soon enough.