Lt. Lisp

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by scooperman, Mar 21, 2007.

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  1. I have a slight lisp, and apart from the obvious piss taking that i can deal with, would it cause any problems down the line?
  2. Welease Woger?
  3. nah, it's fine with r's, just an s thing
  4. Just use it to your advantage, self depreciating humour can be a good defence against the pith takers ;-)

    You might want to work on your word skills to avoid using words that could be misinterpreted, especially over the phone or or other comms.
  5. is it long distance or local?

    is the recipient hard of hearing or foriegn
  6. I've got a lisping dog that says "T h o t h i j i t h"
  7. i guess i'm just gonna have to watch my word usage, it should be fine.
  8. You wouldn’t happen to be a REME STAB by any chance?
  9. If you can make yourself perfectly understood then don't worry about the lisp. I had elocution lessons when young to cure a slight stammer and lisp and had a reasonably successful military career. Obviously the lads still couldn't understand me but they had no problem making out the words...
  10. I thought he'd retired. Or am I confusing him with the Scotsman who needed his gloves on a string through his sleeves?
  11. You’ve just described every Scotsman :wink:
  12. Have you considered joining the eth a eth? You may be uthful in theige thituathionth.
  13. thtop it fft - PMSL!
  14. You may improve your speech by repeating "the sixth shiek's sixth sheep's sick" until you can say it word perfect. The only downside to this is that this phrase rarely, if ever, comes up in conversation.
  15. If there's any thtatic it might.