Lt Lawrence- Social Semtex

When will we get polititians that will care for the men whom they send out to gain glory for their own egos.



I spent last year living with my ex coy clerk who if it wasnt for all the drugs would be in a wheelchair or even bedridden now. The nightmares and PTSD are something else yet at least he is lucky. A young 18 year old lad who about a month after I left the Army was physically wrecked by a bomb that killed 8 other 18 year old lads and wounded many more, has put his story on the LI Reunited website to show how much he went through. To be finished so young in a land that doesnt care is shocking!
What I am trying to say is that whilst we commemorate the loss of those service personnel 25 years ago we mustnt forget the many others killed and injured every year (apart from 1968) on operations for our political representatives!

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