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Figures Lt Latham defending the colour at Albuhera, May 1811


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Able to spend a couple of hours on Latham tonight. First job was to clean up the areas that had been filled. Artist's Modelling Paste tends to dry rubbery, so filing and sanding are out! I use my standard modelling knife with a chisel blade to carve excess paste away. The paste has cured well enough to take a coat of Orange undercoat, followed by Vermillion as the top coat.

The Silver tassels on the end of the epaulettes were given a coat of Silver Chrome. This was also used for all other silver parts including all buttons, epaulette edging, gorget, sword fittings and sword handle. The Black Silk Cravat is just visible above the collar. This was given a coat of satin varnish to add a slight sheen.
The thumb is missing from the left hand; this was a bit of a fortunate accident as it allows me to fit the flag pole into the hand. The thumb is residing in a small box within the kit box.

This view from the rear of the model shows the darker red sash and it's knot attached. This and the Sword sling give a sense of movement to the model. Prior to attaching the slings, I drilled out the rings that the slings connect to. Using some pre-cut brass sheet, I fabricated buckles and adjusting straps to give more reality to the model. These adjustments were coated with acrylic primer and then painted Black-Grey. Once dried and you ted, the slings were given a coat of satin varnish, while the Sword scabbard was given a coat of gloss varnish.

This left side view shows the sash and knot together with the Sword and slings. The sword is showing "movement" by hanging down at the front, rather than handle upwards. The model is not yet fixed to the base, but the model sits well on it. On the kit box it shows a fine piped edging of buff to the tunic. I've replicated this by using a 00000 sized brush and infinite care. The brushes I use are mainly squirrel or rabbit but the smaller sizes are a collection of sable brushes I inherited from my Grandfather.

This front view shows the model as it nears completion. I'm very pleased with the features and pose but am viewing the painting of the flag with some trepidation. I could cheat and make up two decals, but that would spoil the fun. The flag pole has been primed with the right hand already glued in position. Once I have everything assembled, I'll start weathering and shading. That will be tomorrow, I've done enough for the night.

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