Lt Gen Romeo Dallaire backs Afghanistan Mission


I've been unsure of the good General's opinion of the war until now. He has a fair amount of support world wide for his activism regarding human rights and genocide prevention, he may have the influence to gain more support from NATO, and turn some of the more dove minded activists to support the war effort. Thoughts?
He was right in the middle of it when Rwanda went to shite while the UN tied his hands and those on the ground. Very much respect his opinion, he's got the experience.
If there is anyone qualified to speak on the subject, its him.

As FN says, he was a military man, forced by the un to sit and watch while millions were brutally murdered. He is well aware of the facts of life when it comes to civil unrest and what is required to 'keep the peace'.

(let the military get on with the job and keep the ploitics out of it!)


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