Lt Gen Parker on RotR

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Cpt_Darling, May 4, 2009.

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  1. I don't know if anyone else was at Altcar last weekend to hear his take on the review, and the disbandment of the signal Regts.

    Snippets from what I can remember:

    The disbandment was not due to RotR but the "financial squeeze".

    Those that were disbanded were "not equipped for, or relevant to todays operations"

    That the TA needed "major restructuring"

    That the TA in the long run will become "proportionally larger" compared to the Regular Army.

    Now whether that last one means the regs will become smaller who knows :D

    Just thought I would offer some of his words up to arrse.
  2. Small comfort to those fine Regiments that will be discarded.
  3. The TA probably does need major restructuring if it is to withstand the various and uncoordinated initiatives emanating from RF HQ.

    Firm Base? (interlocking loops? - naive), reorganisation of the Div and Regional Bdes (why? - so that they can say they did something...and for no other reason - IT AIN'T BROKE!!), absence of leadership on TA matters generally, priority of CE for the TA (do me a favour - Oh, and do it yourself!), training in the COE (utter co88lers and won't last ten minutes after the TA realise it's repetitive. boring and anti retention), practically ignored the TAPO crisis, and lots of talk and then little action.

    They (RF) may believe they are in the thick of it but I can't think of one single initiative from Regional Forces that has made a scrap of difference to the average life of a TA volunteer in recent years - other than to make it more difficult.

    If RF stuck to the KISS principle and delivered a few ideas credibly rather than a lot of hot air and posturing, we'd all be better off.

  4. Lets remember the restructuring isn't over yet. 60 sigs and 36 sigs are still under scrutany from what I've heard.

    As for the TAPO crisis, i personally hope there arn't too many candidates to compete against for the same (ever shrinking) number of roles in my regt. :twisted:
  5. The TAPOs in the R Signals should think about changing corps now. There won't be any vacancies in the future. Thanks General.
  6. A couple of recent Press articles
  7. Umm who are 60 Sigs? You mean 60 Sig Sqn? Or is there another ghost regiment lurking? :roll:
  8. Quoting from the first article
    Ha! Yeah like that's really simple, nothing like a change in capbadge, trade and career prospects. For new recruits maybe, for a YoS or Class 1 Rad Op, it's not exactly tempting.

    And from the other article
    More certainty, more decision making, more options to be tossed to the four corners of the country and the message not passed down... :roll: