Lt D R Geraint Jones, 3rd Mons, KIA 28 Jun 44

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Signalman, May 6, 2010.

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  1. Can anyone here help me discover any more information on Lt David Rhys Geraint Jones of the 3rd Monmouths (159 Bde, 11th Armoured Division), who died of wounds in Normandy on 28th June 1944?

    His given name was Geraint, so he is recorded in some places simply as Lt G Jones.

    He was Mentioned in Dispatches, but I've not been able to discover the circumstances, let alone the exact citation. Is there a source for such things on line?

    I've not been able to discover which company or platoon he belonged to. 'C' Company 3rd Mons saw intense fighting on 28th June, defending the village of Mouen, unsupported, against Kampfgruppe 'Frey' of the 12th SS 'HJ' Panzer Division. I wonder if this is the action in which he met his end?

    I was however, astounded to discover that he was the author of a very famous poem:

    Let me not see old age

    Let me not see old age: Let me not hear
    The proffered help, the mumbled sympathy,
    The well-meant tactful sophistries that mock
    Pathetic husks who once were strong and free,

    And in youth's fickle triumph laughed and sang,
    Loved, and were foolish; and at the close have seen
    The fruits of folly garnered, and that love,
    Tamed and encaged, stale into grey routine.

    Let me not see old age; I am content
    With my few crowded years; laughter and strength
    And song have lit the beacon of my life.
    Let me not see it fade, but when the long
    September shadows steal across the square,
    Grant me this wish: they may not find me there.

    by D.R Geraint Jones

    I'm taking some cadets from his home town of Haverfordwest to Normandy in August and I'm sure they'll want to honour him properly. It'd be good to know a little more about the circumstances surrounding his death and regarding his award of MiD.