Lt-Col Ron Reid-Daly - RIP


Lt-Col Ron Reid-Daly died yesterday at his home in Simonstown, RSA after a three-day coma.

A C Squadron (22.SAS) veteran from the old Malaya days, he went on to become the original RSM of 1st Battalion, Rhodesian Light Infantry before his first retirement from military service in the 1973. He came out of retirement in the mid 1970's with an appointment at the rank of Major, initially to take charge of a newly stood-up combat tracker course, going on to take command of the Selous Scouts Regiment. While most of his more famous exploits of modern military history took place as commander of that regiment, he later went on to command the entire Transkei Defence Force during the late 1980's.

Lt-Col Ron Reid-Daly - Wikipedia

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First Walls, now R-D - who's next? Bet they weren't in the ARRSE 2010 Dead Pool either.


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He wrote one of the book reviews on the book "Blood Lily" which I am in the process of reviewing for Auld Yin now, RIP
First Walls, now R-D - who's next? Bet they weren't in the ARRSE 2010 Dead Pool either.
If there was any justice for the poor benighted country comrade bob would have opened the batting on this game...

from 32 Bn Forum an apposite poem

The Sparrows fall just one by one
Their Wars are fought, their battles won
And now they pass, boots by their bed
But would have died in War instead
They were set, to give their all
Their names should live upon the wall
Where others live who gave their lives
For us, so Right and Might survives
Chris Higginson

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His account of the Regiment's undertakings "Selous Scouts - Top Secret War" (with Peter Stiff) is a vastly underrated guide to counter-insurgency warfare, demonstrating what can be done with a little initiative, the bending of a few rules and a political climate that understood what needed to be done.

RIP Colonel (or General if you include his Transkei service).

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