Lt. Col. "Mad" Jack Churchill

Read obituary in telegraph a couple? of years ago. Since seen odd bits in books about him. Does anyone know if there was ever a biography of his exploits? Thanks
It's here: -

Jack Churchill - Unlimited Boldness
Rex King-Clark

An account of the career of ‘Mad Jack’ Churchill who was commissioned into 2nd Manchesters in 1926 and gained fame in 1940 when he went to war with the BEF armed with his longbow and arrows. One of the most dashing and courageous Commando leaders of WWII, being awarded the DSO (a downgraded VC) for the Salerno landing in September 1943, a bar to his DSO in July 1944, and a Military Cross.

Captured in June 1944 and imprisoned in Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp from where he escaped, was recaptured and sent to Austria. Escaped again and walked to the American Army lines. Post-war served with the Seaforth Highlanders and Highland Light Infantry. Single-handed endeavoured to prevent the Hadassah Massacre in Palestine on 13 April 1948.

PB. 28 pages. 5 photographs & 1 map.

ISBN 1-873907.06-0
£4.95 UK p&p £0.65
Strange bloke, but then he was a MANCHESTER (or should that be a KINGO?)
There was also a profile of him on the C4 programme 'COMMANDOS',Some of his troops said he played the bagpipes just before the first commando raids in Norway.

What a bloke :)
Thanks for that.In the obit it said that after he retired fm military he worked in London & commuted each day on the train. Passengers on the return journey used to be surprised when he would get up, open the window and chuck his briefcase out. They were not to know that he was flinging it into his own back garden!
Growler you git I was going to relate that story.

I used to work with his son, Rodney, but I had no idea that his father was his father. As far as I know he was the only man to command a Para Bn and a Royal Marine Commando. I also seem to recall that he used a longbow to kill German sentries.

Awesome, awesome.
There's a photo of him in one of the standard books on the commandos showing him wading ashore from a landing craft with drawn sword ...

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