Lt Col Hugh Maurice Maisey Int Corps RIP

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Jim_Research, Feb 23, 2009.

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  1. Lt Col Hugh Maurice Maisey Int Corps, died very suddenly in hospital on 15 February. He joined the Corps in July 1968 as an Officer, becoming Lt Col in June 1973 and serving at 4 Comms, 13 SR and 1 Int Centre. There will be a Cremation at Hawking Cemetery in Kent at a date and time to be confirmed, and afterwards a Memorial Service at St Leonard's Church, Hythe. There will be family flowers only but donations will be gladly received for Age Concern. Condolences and donations can be sent to his widow, Joan at St Mary's House, St Mary's Road, West Hythe, Kent CT21 4NU
  2. I had considerable dealings with Col Maisey when he was in IDW at the Centre in the mid-80s. Always a gent. My thoughts are with his family.
  3. Are you sure about those dates? 5 years to half colonel seems rather rapid.
  4. Col Maurice was a transferree. We have a few in the Corps don't y'know.
  5. Beat me too it Minnesota_Viking. Yes transferred in and was an excellent OC, described by some as 'a proper officer.'
  6. Lt Col Maurice Maisey, Int Corps. memorial service Thursday 26 Feb at 1300hrs St Leonards Church, Hythe, Kent.
  7. I would like to thank everybody who knew my Father (Mr H M Maisey, or Lt Col, as he was then) for their kind support. He had an awesome send off, and the Church was packed with friends and family. Many of the friends had known him from the early days. He had such a full life, none of which he EVER regretted. In a letter he wrote, that we found after his death, he quoted 'He would do it all again, and change nothing'

    Check out the poem by Linda Ellis, called 'The Dash' It was almost as if it was written for him.

    Proud to be Maurices Daughter, and hope I am just a little like him. :D