Lt Col Graham Manning

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by the_guru, May 6, 2007.

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  1. I learned yesterday of the sad news of the death of Lt Col Graham Manning after short illness. I knew him when he was Adjutant at the School in the early 90's and more recently as DCOS at 1 Sig Bde. He was a friendly and extremely likeable man, and I am saddened by his passing.

    My deep condolences, to his family and friends.
  2. Rest In Peace Sir.
  3. Very sorry to hear it.

    Rest in peace.
  4. Second old comrade in a week.

    I knew Graham a long time ago, he was the Chief Clerk in the Bde Sig Sqn I served with in the mid 70’s. Our paths crossed several times over the next couple of decades and we served together not long after he’d been commissioned. As stated, he was a very sociable and likeable man who was a true professional.

    I am truly saddened by his death. Is it prudent to ask the cause guru? If not please PM me.

  5. RIP.
  6. Gents, with your permission I will show his son this thread when he returns to his unit.
  7. Please do Yes_Sir

    Col Graham Rest in Peace Sir
  8. Only came across Col Graham a couple of times, but a thoroughly great bloke he seemed to be. From what I have heard since his very untimely passing, certain people in the Corps pulled out all the stops to ensure that the family got the best deal in the circumstances. Thank you to them and condolences to all the family and in particular his son who is following in his footsteps in the Corps.

    RIP boss.
  9. RIP Sir
  10. Very sad to hear of Graham's untimely departure. He was a consumate professional and a really good guy, who would drop everything to help people out. As neighbours for several years, our thoughts and prayers are with his wife and family at this tragic time. I'm lost for words.
    RIP Graham.